Synthwave pioneer Dynatron releases video/single ‘The Machine’

Synthwave originator Dynatron returns with new single ‘The Machine’

‘The Machine’ visualiser streaming now

Origins album out 15th October via Blood Music

Danish synthwave pioneer Dynatron has released new single ‘The Machine’, taken from his upcoming album Origins, set for release 15th October via Blood Music.

Watch the visualiser to ‘The Machine’ here: 

This follows the single and album title track, ‘Origins’. Watch the stunning animated video here:

Pre-order Origins here:

A trailblazer in off-world soundscapes, meticulously crafting the soundtrack to eternal space exploration and interplanetary discovery, Dynatron returns after a five-year hiatus with his long and highly-awaited third album Origins.

The artist’s most personal work to date, Origins is a quest for meaning through the infinite chaos, a meditation on loneliness and the painstaking search for hope. During the past decade, the synthwave scene has risen, splintered, and sub-splintered; but Dynatron remains anchored as one of its true, original voices. Building upon the cinematic atmosphere of his previous work – exploring a large variety of vintage analogue synthesisers – Origins is the perfect throwback to the genre’s origins. Retro, ethereal, and passionate.

The album touches upon synthwave’s foundations while expanding Dynatron‘s scope through a wider range of musical instrumentation.

“I wanted to explore orchestral sound, giving the album a more human feel. I used choir and strings on multiple occasions, mixing them against synth flourishes to create a supernatural aura,” says Dynatron‘s mastermind Jeppe Hasseriis.

Origins follows 2015’s ground-breaking second album, Aeternus, and its creation took Dynatron on a five-year exploration into the abyss of self-discovery. The album was never meant to be personal, but through its creation, Hasseriis realised the astronauts stranded in darkness mirrored his own personal struggles. The only way out was through hope.

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Track listing:

1. A New Place
2. Close Encounter
3. Origins
4. The Portal
5. Tumbling Upwards
6. Future
7. Uncertain Destiny
8. The Machine
9. Epilogue