Timea Göghova Unveils Captivating Music Video for “A Long Road” from Her Acclaimed Album “Wild Storm”

Timea Göghova, the sophisticated artist known for her remarkable talents spanning various musical genres, is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated music video for her soul-stirring single, “A Long Road,” a track extracted from the critically acclaimed album “Wild Storm,” available worldwide via Epictronic.

“A Long Road” by Timea is a beautifully crafted piano ballad with a lot to offer. Its exceptional vocal performance, evocative lyrics, and careful production make it a compelling listening experience. However, introducing subtle variations in pacing could enhance the song’s emotional impact further. Regardless of this, the song is well worth a listener’s time and stands as both a beautiful ballad and an arena for Timea to flex her singing chops with resounding success.”In the words of music critic Iggy Paris, “Overall, it’s a commercially viable and emotionally resonant composition.”

Timea Göghova is a versatile artist who covers several genres of music. She is known for singing clean, screaming, and singing classic songs. She is also the frontwoman of Still Awake (Melodic Metal) and Passion Control (Jazzfunk). As a solo artist, she composes ballads and R&B songs.

Timea Göghova has been passionate about music from a young age. With a background in choirs and a love for the German language, she moved to Germany in 2021. Her talent has gained recognition through appearances on TV shows like Sztárban Sztár Leszek and The Voice of Germany, as well as winning the South German Finals of Emergenza Band Contest. Her latest album, “Wild Storm,” is a captivating blend of ballads and rock songs that highlight her vocal prowess. Timea has also collaborated with notable guests including Alex Beyrodt, Dominik Krämer, Alex Scholpp, and Dara Zusko, adding a special touch to her music.

Connect with Timea Göghova:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/timeagoeghova
Facebook: www.facebook.com/timea.goeghova
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@timeagoeghova

Listen to “Wild Storm” Now:
Physical CD

Timea Göghova’s music is a journey through emotions, and “A Long Road” is a testament to her musical prowess. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this musical adventure.


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