Austrian metallers from TEARDOWN premieres The Little Drummer Boy (Christmas Cover) feat. Pluto’s Desert Road & Dreaming Of Tomorrow and can be found here:

The song is a cover version of “The little drummer boy” in different styles. There are acoustic, rock, punk and a hardcore part include. Each part features another singer with three of the four vocalists being guest artists. The song and the video was created independently. Dominik was the “head” of this project and he did the whole recording, mixing and mastering by himself.
Together with the performance video, which we shot in our rehearsal studio, the song should put a smile on your face. By including other singers our goal was to drift into other genres and try out something new. We hope everybody can hear and see that the whole recording was a great experience and last but not least everyone involved had some good fun too.

They say that the best way to create space for the new is to dismantle the old. This sentiment rings true for Austrian metal band Teardown, who collectively use music as a pressure release valve to escape from the social constructs of what passes as “acceptable”.

Consisting of founding members Dominik Windisch and Nikolaus Rothmund (guitarists), they have now been joined by Barbaros Teker (vocalist) and Markus Winkler (bassist). After the recordings of the EP drummer Mathias Unterberger had to leave the band due to a lack of time because of personal changes. Having all grown up in Vorarlberg, a region where metal remains a largely underground endeavour, the band offers a place of complete escapism for each member and is reflected in the passion they portray throughout their music.

Influenced by the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Trivium, Linkin Park, and Gojira, Teardown’s eclectic approach to metal has resulted in diverse and distinguishable pieces of music that offer moments of familiarity as well as splashes of surprise. Energetic, aggressive, and high-octane verses effortlessly are contrasted with supporting choruses and rugged instrumental segments, all of which glue together to form an undeniable sense of groove. Lyrically, Teardown’s songs deal with both social and personal topics, always leaving room for interpretation from a listening perspective.

With live music adding an element that guarantees a further intensification of the band’s emotion, Teardown are now intent on sharing their latest material with the world.

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for Teardown, with the release of their Debut Single and the following  ‘Teardown EP’ release in Q1 of 2022, which will also feature a collaboration with local rap artist Jherip.


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