L-R – Jordan Mckenzie (Vocals/Bass), Chris Trainor (Guitar), Johnny Mejia (Drums)
Photo Credits: Josh Martin (ProMotion LLC)

Quiescent Mantis, the dynamic metal band hailing from the depths of Tennessee, USA, is thrilled to announce the release of their second album “Here Comes the Swarm” produced by Yanic Bercier (Quo Vadis, Gone In April) at WaveTransform Recording Studio and due out on July 19th on Exitus Stratagem Records. Prior to this release, they are reminding thrash maniacs that they have two music videos out already for the tracks “Shake the Cage” and “Fight” available now on YouTube. They comment on the videos:

“‘Shake the Cage’ is about civilization finally pushing back and realizing that people on top are using status and fame as a platform to tell us how to act and what we do with our own lives. Civilization is fed up and is starting to point all in one direction and coming together to get answers on why they are shaking the cage. ‘Fight’ is really based on the battle scenes from ‘Starship Troopers’, a battle between bugs and humans.”

Formed during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 lockdown, Quiescent Mantis emerged from the fusion of former scientists Chris Trainor, Jordan McKenzie, and Johnny Mejia. Previously employed by the enigmatic Sub-atomic Weight Of Acceleration Research Mechanics (S.W.A.R.M.), the trio embarked on a musical journey after inadvertently opening a doorway to the mantis homeworld during a particle collision experiment, exposing themselves to a mind-altering pheromone. Thus, the Chapter 1 demo was born in 2021.

Inspired by a love for old science fiction movies and thrash metal, Quiescent Mantis presents a unique, aggressive, groovy, heavy, and relentless sound that blends old-school metal techniques with new-school innovations. The band aims to provide listeners with a groundbreaking experience, combining elements of classic and contemporary metal in a manner never before heard. They are recommended for fans of Orbit Culture, Havok, and Power Trip.

CD pre-order – https://www.exsrmusic.com/store/p/pre-sale-quiescent-mantis-here-come-the-swarm


“Shake the Cage” – https://youtu.be/WrnDYxgS220

“Fight” – https://youtu.be/91w6uZLZpu8

Digital (Spotify) – https://linktr.ee/QuiescentMantis

Show Dates:
June 6 – Knoxville, TN – Brickyard Bar w/ Summoner’s Circle, W.O.R.
June 29 – Knoxville, TN – The Old City Performing Arts Center – Knoxville Hardcore Fest
July 19 – Knoxville, TN – Brickyard Bar (Album Release Party) w/ Summoner’s Circle, Belfast 6 Pack, We Lye Cold, Seven Year Sideshow
Aug 24 – Battle Creek, MI – Michigan Metal Fest
Sept 14 – Knoxville, TN – Open Chord Stage – Mosh Out Of Darkness
Oct 5 – Jackson, TN – Metal Devastation Fest

Track Listing:
1. Open The Gates – 3:40
2. Here Comes The Swarm – 3:22
3. Apex Predator – 3:19
4. P.R.E.Y. – 4:06
5. Shake The Cage – 5:10
6. Breed. Feed. Repeat. – 3:30
7. Primal Form of Aggression – 3:52
8. Killer Bee, Killed – 2:34
9. Fight! – 3:32
10. This Is The End! – 2:38
Album Length: 35:48

Quiescent Mantis is:
Chris Trainor – Guitarist / Backup Vocals
Jordan Mckenzie – Bass and Vocals
Johnny Mejia – Drums

More info: Exsrmusic.com | Facebook.com/QuiescentMantis | Instagram.com/quiescent_mantis


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