TESSERACT’s Stunning Cinematic Live Experience,
P O R T A L S,” Now Available On Digital Platforms

Purchase HERE https://tesseractkscope.lnk.to/portalsfilm

Following on from 2018’s critically acclaimed Sonder, the band, in the midst of a global pandemic decided to come together to present ‘P O R T A L S’ – a cinematic live experience like no other. Fans were able to access the exclusive online show via the band’s website in December 2020. 
Now after TesseracT’s initial broadcast all over the world, at last fans will be able to relive the magic all over again on streaming services. Today, February 2nd, ‘P O R T A L S’ is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google.
‘P O R T A L S’ chronicles TesseracT’s varied discography and is a perfect visual companion that only enhances their already fierce musical repertoire.
“Everything from the stage to the sound to the visuals were killer… a beautiful two-hour venture. TesseracT should be very proud of themselves for delivering such an immense quality of work for their fans during these unfortunate times” – Metal Insider
TesseracT are a band that sit outside the bounds of any genre specificity, pioneers of the ever-evolving metal scene and unstoppable force of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies and disorientating atmospherics.

Bass player Amos Williams explains more about the event and the concept behind it:
“P O R T A L S is a celebration of our love of performing. Each act is a still from an ever-evolving musical personality. Each song is the conversations you have with old friends when you meet up for the first time in ages and you pick up exactly where you left off.” 
Now, Kscope are proud to present this unique event to a wider audience for the first time. The film featuring fan favourites and tracks seldom performed live, spanning the band’s career to date is now available to Rent & Buy in SD & HD.
“the quality of the audio and visuals provide testament to TesseracT’s statement that the performance represents their biggest production to date” – Prog/ Louder sound
“Precisely why TesseracT are considered one of the UK’s top bands.” – Distorted Sound.
P O R T A L S’ Track listing:

  1. Of Matter (P O R T A L S)
  2. King (P O R T A L S)
  3. Concealing Fate Parts 1,2 & 3 (P O R T A L S)
  4. Tourniquet (P O R T A L S)
  5. Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image (P O R T A L S)
  6. Orbital (P O R T A L S)
  7. Juno (P O R T A L S)
  8. Cages (P O R T A L S)
  9. Dystopia (P O R T A L S)
  10. Phoenix (P O R T A L S)
  11. Nocturne (P O R T A L S)
  12. Eden (P O R T A L S)
  13. Of Energy (P O R T A L S)
  14. Seven Names (P O R T A L S)

Follow TesseracT:
Web: tesseractband.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/tesseractband/
Twitter: twitter.com/tesseractband
Instagram: instagram.com/tesseractband


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