Pithy crushing 2nd album of the Lower Saxons!
 Traditional Heavy Metal with power edge!

 Goes forward irrepressibly & uncompromisingly!

Official album release:
May 19, 2023

? Official Music Video
?️ Premiere: May 12, 2023
? YouTube-Link: https://youtu.be/FG0csEGUEFM
? ⚙️ Production: Tomb Of Giants

TOMB OF GIANTS comment on “Soulstealer“:
“With SOULSTEALER we represent the fearsome and relentless force of evil. SOULSTEALER is a being from hell that brings chaos and destruction upon humanity. His appearance and actions are accompanied by images of the apocalypse – darkness, blood rain and destruction. The song is meant to show the consequences that result when we give in to evil.”

With the power of pure steel!

The steely story of TOMB OF GIANTS began in 2013, when five passionate German musicians came together in Markendorf near Osnabrück to form a band that would sincerely and fervently carry on the legacy of traditional Heavy Metal.

Since then, the unswerving idealists have worked unstoppably on their music, in 2017 their eponymous debut album was released and various stages were conquered as energetically as successfully.

Their reputation as a rousing live act grew steadily – and so TOMB OF GIANTS already shared the stage with renowned greats like BULLET, NIGHT DEMON, THE IRON MAIDENS and even the US legends SACRED REICH!

Artwork • “Legacy Of The Sword”
Timon Kokott

01. Legacy Of The Sword 04:44
02. Ad Victoriam 05:09
03. Time For Metal 05:33
04. Railgunner 04:29
05. Soulstealer 04:46
06. Berserk 05:04      
07. Dosenbier 01:09     

total: 30:54

  Ansgar Ronne

Sergio Cisternino • Vocals
Oliver Nienhüser • Guitars
Yannik Moszynski • Guitars
Daniel Melchior • Bass
Mirco Nienhüser • Drums

2023, the Metal fate ordered it so, the Lower Saxonian battlevest warriors release their new album LEGACY OF THE SWORD, which highlights their established, heavier style and influence from the Heavy Metal of the 80s with a massive dose of typical teutonic anger.

Songs like “SOULSTEALER” revive the glory days of the PAINKILLER era, while other tracks like “AD VICTORIAM” and “BERSERK” encourage massive sing-along and headbanging. 

With this release, TOMB OF GIANTS not only show their deep connection to the roots of the genre, but also their existing ability to further develop this traditional music form with their own modern interpretation. 

LEGACY OF THE SWORD was self-produced by the band.
Jörg Uken with his SOUNDLODGE (ANVIL, CORVUS CORAX among others) is responsible for mix and master.


Disturbingly Good


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