Hail OLD-SCHOOL METAL fans! The first preview track “Exorcism of the Exorcist” from Polish thrash/speed metal quartet PANDEMIC’s debut full-length album “Crooked Mirror” will have its world premiere today (March 9th, 2023) at 12-noon Polish time!

Founded in 2015, PANDEMIC is an old-school thrash/speed metal group based in Kraków, Poland. Throughout the first years, the band crystallized its vision and direction leading to the creation of 4 songs, released on 2018’s debut EP “Deaf Nite” – recorded as a memorial to late frontman, guitarist, and leader, Sebastian “Sharp” Wikar. Following the death of Sebastian, PANDEMIC went through several line-up changes to rise anew and continue on the chosen path. Two years later, the single “Where the Devil Says Goodnite” followed, announcing the new chapter of the band’s history.

It’s time to launch PANDEMIC’s debut full-length album, entitled Crooked Mirror, which will be released via Awakening Records on March 31. Stay tuned.


Ringing the door, he’s welcomed by the host
Insanity fills the air, situation’s out of control
Basement as a prison with iron shackles for lost boy
Dark as the victim’s nightmare, which is his fault?

Demon – reaching out to the sky
Preacher – he knows the reason why
The circle of hell opens up
The priest has to be exorcised

Father enchains his son very tight and strong
Family tears and mourning cries resound for long
Exorcist, impassive, is standing still
Preparing, praying for his god’s favor and will

Demon – reaching out to the sky
Preacher – he knows the reason why
The circle of hell opens up
The priest has to be exorcised

Priest – why did you come to my home?
Your holy ascendancy does not work
Priest – I have broken your will
Now your carrion belongs to me
Priest – you have lost your control
Now I’ve taken possession of your holy soul
Priest – you thought you’ve come so far
Let go of your body and prepare to die

Evil spells leave the youngest breaking his spine
Demon finds new object for extinction line
Exorcist faith no longer lasts
His mind and body belongs to the devil’s wrath
Crucifix inverts, sulphur clouds around
Three sixes on his back – mortal way is done
Chaos encroached the house, the roles have changed
Father with his blessings exorcises clergyman


Disturbingly Good


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