THE BLEEDING Stream Full Album ‘Monokrator’ At Decibel Magazine

London born Death Thrash champions THE BLEEDING are returning in full force to bring you their third full-length album MonokratorToday the band is streaming the full album, ahead of its release, exclusively at Decibel Magazine. 

The band comments: “Monokrator marks the third full-length release for The Bleeding. We aimed to push ourselves creatively and explore new territories within death and thrash metal. The result is our most intense and boundary-pushing sound to date, a testament to our dedication and growth. Throughout the creation of Monokrator, we faced numerous trials and tribulations. The turmoil in and around the band ignited a fierce determination within us. We channeled that energy into the music, pushing ourselves to our limits. It was a transformative process, one that led us to discover new depths of creativity and power. At the onset of writing Monokrator, we were fortunate to find a valuable ally in our new label, Redefining Darkness Records. Their unwavering support and wealth of experience provided us with the necessary incentive to strive for excellence and maintain a steadfast refusal to compromise. The album production and mix were handled once again by Ronnie Björnström. We strongly believe that this is the finest representation of our sound, seamlessly capturing our ‘old-school’ thrashing through a modern interpretation.”

Stream the album here:

After forming in 2010, the band released their first EP Death Eternal in 2013 and, after a major line-up change, released their first full-length album Rites of Absolution in 2017. Their second full-length album Morbid Prophecy, released two years later, received critical acclaim from the press: 

“The 20 Greatest UK THRASH albums of the last 5 years” (2022)
-Worship Metal

“A truly blistering sophomore effort that expands upon the ferocity of their previous album in many exciting new directions, further defining their own distinctive and sharp approach.”
– Invisible Oranges

“The Bleeding unleashes sonic oblivion with some of the most violent and virulent riffs you’re ever likely to hear ” (8.5/10)
– Ave Noctum

“This band is a force to be reckoned with. Intense riffs, fierce vocals and punishing drums are all to be found on the latest full-length from The Bleeding.” (8/10) Excellent
– Metal Temple

The band’s resume also boasts a collaboration with none other than the UK Black / Speed Thrash hero himself, James McBain (HELLRIPPER), on the title track from their 2021 EP Rise Into Nothing.

On their latest album, Monokrator, THE BLEEDING combine thrash elements, comparable to latter day EXODUS/DESTRUCTION, with the ferocity of DEMOLITION HAMMER and a vocal attack akin to Jeff Walker and Chuck Schuldiner to create a blitzkrieg-like listening experience with a full frontal assault that pulls no punches and will leave your head spinning in delight. Monokrator is a flag planting statement that will put the UK back on the map when it comes to quality thrash!  

Invisible Oranges recently premiered the lead single off of the album, entitled Screams of Torment, and shared…
It’s a horror-infused rollercoaster that brims with adrenaline.” 


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Jamie Stungo – Vocals
Tasos – Guitar
James Loh – Drums
Jordan Muscatello – Bass

2013 – Death Eternal EP
2017 – Rites of Absolution (Full-length)
2019 – Demonic Oath EP
2019 – Morbid Prophecy (Full-lenth)
2021 – Rise Into Nothing EP  

Monokrator Track Listing: 

  1. Chemical Lobotomy    
  2. Chainsaw Deathcult    
  3. Mutation Chamber    
  4. Union of Horror    
  5. Screams of Torment    
  6. On Wings of Tribulation    
  7. Monokrator    
  8. Throes of Repulsion