Sarasota (FL) – American Metal band, The Distinguished Order of Disobedience (aka The D.O.O.D.), are proud to announce the September 17 release of new album, Dissonanceon Chaos Music in association with SelfMadeRecords and Earache Records EDD. The forthcoming album showcases The D.O.O.D.’s signature blend of intense riffs, powerful vocals, and relentless energy!

The band has released four singles from the album thus far on all the usual digital platforms. These are as follows:

“Chaos for the Fly” – BandcampSpotify, Apple Music
“Subterfuge” – Official VideoBandcampSpotifyApple Music
“The Pentacostal” – Official VideoBandcampSpotifyApple Music
“2000 Miles” – Lyric VideoBandcampSpotifyApple Music

The official video for “2000 Miles” is targeted for a mid-July release. The album’s fifth single, “Final Girl,” drops on August 2, with an official video to follow late that same month.

Dissonance Track Listing:

1. Down The Rabbit Hole 
2. Subterfuge
3. The Back of Hell
4. The Pentecostal 
5. Parasite 6-4-2
6. 2000 Miles
7. Chaos for the Fly 
8. Disorder (Interlude)
9. Dissonance
10. The Well 
11. Slayer Of Gods
12/ Cut, Cut, Cut (Interlude)
13. Final Girl 

Album Credits:

Cover art by Brian Amoroso.
All Songs Written and Produced by The D.O.O.D.
Recorded and Mixed at Morrisound Studios by Jim Morris,
Mastered by J.P. Braddock at Formation Audio.
Management: Chaos Music L.L.C.
Management Consultant: Erik Leviathan Self Made Records L.L.C.
Digital Distribution: Earache Records.


The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience (The D.O.O.D.) are a standout in the Florida metal Scene. Originally put together by Raynus and Jonzey, this Sarasota band has found its niche among the many great independent metal acts, not only in Southwest Florida, but nationally as well. 

The Floridians have found inspiration over the years from music that is hard driving with good hooks, as well as unabashed and unafraid riffs reminiscent of the pioneers of metal and hard rock, all the while grinding forward into the music of today and tomorrow. 

The diversity of their individual influences certainly informs the music, yet there is enough commonality to ensure a coherency that runs throughout the band’s catalogue. From the horror rock “House of the Dead,” to the tastefully savvy guitar work of “Murder,” it is difficult not to find something to latch onto with the musicality of this crew.  

The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience prides itself on its stage show, a high energy feast of metal, that is different and surprising at every venue. As a band, they are dynamic and eye-catching as they take the stage and take over the room. The audience can never be certain what’s coming next, except a great show! This can be attributed to the multitude of shows they’ve played over the years with an array of local and national acts. The D.O.O.D. is 100% fan-friendly and takes great pride in being part of a surging Florida metal scene. 

Photo Credit: Lisa Larkin

Line-Up (L – R in photo)

Indy (Indiana DOOD) Brumbaugh – Guitar
Rudy (Dogbite DOOD) Taylor – Drums
Brian (Monkeyboy DOOD) Amoroso – Lead Vocals
Jonzey DOOD – Bass
Raynus DOOD – Guitar


Disturbingly Good


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