December 7th, 2021 – THE FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY – Ft. Members of Last in Line, Tyketto, 24-7 Spyz, Raven – Announce Official Album Release Date!

Drummer Joel Maitoza (24-7 Spyz, Seventrain, Shockhead) has officially announced the release date of the debut album from his new project, THE FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY. The nine song album titled “Quarantine Covers” will be released worldwide on January 1st, 2022 through Alliance Entertainment. It will be available on CD as well as all digital platforms.

Maitoza states in a recent interview, “The album features a handful of amazing musicians that I’ve wanted to work with over the years. I feel blessed that everyone I reached out to made my dream become a reality and I’m excited for everyone to finally check out these tunes.”

Artist appearances include:
John Gallagher (Raven) – Bass, Vocals
David Pastorius (Pat Travers, Tech N9ne) – Bass
Jaimie Scott (Tyketto) – Bass
Joshua Jones (Poster Child) – Guitars
Christophe Godin (Morgibl, Metal Kartoon, The Prize) – Guitars
Andrew Freeman (Last in Line, Lynch Mob, Offspring) – Vocals
Craig Soderberg (-itis, Shockhead) – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Jason (JMR) Richardson (Year of the Dragon, Patrick Gibson) – Guitars, Vocals
Miguelon Rodriguez (Paul Di’anno, The Worshyp) – Bass
Joey McCaw (Brick Bath, Shockhead) – Vocals
Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz) – Bass
Joel Maitoza (24-7 Spyz, Shockhead, Elysian, Gangland, Seventrain) – Drums

The album was recorded at Exum Studios by Scott Exum (Stabbing Westward, Unwritten Law), Room 9 Studios by Jerry Whiting, DML Studios by Don Lithgow (RIP) and AJP Studios by Alex Pappas (Finch).

Check out the promo video for “Quarantine Covers” here:

Also check out the earlier released cover versions
‘Carry on Wayward Son’ by KANSAS –
‘Rock Candy’ by MONTROSE –

For more information on The Frequency Conspiracy, please visit:

More about Joel Maitoza and THE FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY

Joel Maitoza, former drummer for national recording/touring artists 24-7 Spyz, Seventrain and Shockhead has branched out to record his self-titled debut album with his new project THE FREQUENCY CONSPIRACY. The songwriting is an eclectic mix of Rock, Funk, Metal and Soul, staying true to his roots. As a contributing songwriter and producer for many of the artists he’s recorded with over the past 35 years, the time has come for Joel to record and release his own original material worldwide.

Joel explains, “The Frequency Conspiracy isn’t a band exactly, but a collaboration between myself and other musical friends who I’ve always wanted to work with. This project gives me the opportunity to create music with artists from all over the world. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write, record and release an album of songs where I’m performing the majority of the instrumentation. The original material is basically a collection of riffs, ideas and songs that I’ve written over the past 20 years. When I write a song, I hear the completed version including vocal melodies in my head, so I need to record it to wipe the slate clean per se. Writing, producing and recording my own album is a major challenge and that’s exciting to me. It keeps my creative juices flowing and I can work at my own pace. I’m primarily a drummer and songwriter that can play a little guitar, bass and keyboards. I can’t sing very well or play a guitar solo to save my life, so I’ll be having some friends making cameo appearances on many of the songs. This project is very personal to me and close to my heart. It’s something I need to complete in order to move on to the next chapter of my career. If people dig it, I’ll keep writing, creating and recording music. If not, I can at least say I accomplished what I originally set out to achieve. Either way, I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to share it with all of you.”

Aside from recording 13 original songs for his debut album, Joel has also been busy recording a separate album of cover tunes he’s putting his own stamp on titled Quarantine Covers. Both albums are currently being recorded at Exum Studios by Scott Exum (Stabbing Westward, Unwritten Law), Room 9 Studios by Jerry Whiting and AJP Studios by Alex Pappas (Finch).



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