Since South African band The Medea Project were reborn on English shores in 2017 they have steadily built for themselves a reputation as outliers and margin walkers, carving out an individual artistic aesthetic that places them in a league of their own. Drawing on doom metal and gothic rock and infusing the resulting blend with a raw, primitive power and arcane atmosphere The Medea Project inhabit a world where the only rules are their own. New EP Reflections is set to thrill those who have embraced their firelight rituals and utterly confuse those who were never meant to understand…

Featuring two interpretations of their own ‘The Ghosts Of St Augustines’, which appeared in its original form on The Medea Project’s debut album, Sisyphus and shocking covers of classic songs by MotörheadVenom and Tiamat, Reflections takes the known and transforms it into the unknown. Familiar sounds become treacherous as The Medea Project turn out the lights and rearrange the sonic furniture, creating a maze of tricks and traps. Yet for all the manipulation of form and application of shadows there will be no cries of ‘blasphemy!’ in response to The Medea Project’s work. They have retained the essence of the three hallowed bands whose work they have embraced and there is reverence within the warped forms of these newborn mutations. As for ‘The Ghosts Of St Augustines’, well those troubled spirits have become hungrier and more haunting than they ever were before.

Reflections will be released through Trepanation Recordings on April 28th on both digital and cassette formats and features some brilliant artwork, created for The Medea Project by Daniel Bollans of death/doom metal outfit Consecration. The hand drawn image hides a myriad of secrets, just like the music it accompanies. Look deep into The Medea Project’s carnival mirror of dreams, nightmares and wonders and discover a world that exists between the last moments of dusk and the darkness of the night.

The stunning video for first single ‘The Ghosts Of St Augustines MMXXII‘, created by Phat Mandem Productions, premieres today with Zero Tolerance Magazine and you can watch it here:

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