The Milena’s Codex: Music as a weapon of revolution!
The band started working in the final months of 2020, so the band The Milena’s Codex arrives on the music scene with an interesting proposal that unites music and science fiction in a cohesive and multimedia way. A mix of times and experiences that move the world for many centuries.
The founders Gil Lopes (vocals) and Jarlisson Jaty (drums) in addition to working together in Doomsday Hymn have passages through formations of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Hardcore, Crossover and other styles.
In the words of Gil Lopes (vocalist): The Milena’s Codex  is not just a random name, it represents a whole work I’ve been dedicating myself for the last two years”, it will be our concept and will bring the experience of this fiction in the lyrics and visual identity of the band, but at the same time each letter will bring its particularity, functioning independently of the fiction”.
To assist in conducting a project of this magnitude, there needs to be a focused team willing to “give blood” for the band and The Milena’s Codex found such qualities in the following musicians: João SilvaAndré Freitas and Gabriel Stupak. All of them experienced and with excellent references in the field, being very active in the southern region of the country. This union brings to The Milena’s Codex a unique musical baggage of elements from metalcore, djent and prog metal where everything will be shaped for the recording of the first album, who, in addition to uniting the concept of science fiction in a post-apocalyptic time, will also have a parallel with reference to current events around the world with a challenging musicality.
With 10 tracks already composed, The Milena’s Codex debut album is being produced and recorded by the band and will be mixed at Flat Hall Studio, in the city of Rio do Sul/Santa Catarina – Brazil, with release scheduled for the end of 2021, and while the first official single is not released, a teaser with four tracks in demo version has been released and you can listen to it in the playlist below:

For more information about the band, its concept and future plans, visit The Milena’s Codex social media:


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