The Scourge ‘Warrant For Execution’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Seeing Red Records/Thrash Metal

The Scourge first came to the scene in 2014 with their decent debut EP ‘First Comes Destruction’ and from there, the Texan band have been relatively quiet as vocalist Andrew Atwood has been sharing his time as a guitarist with fellow Texans Helstar. However, this year has The Scourge return with ‘Warrant For Execution’ their long awaited first full-length studio album.

Having the space to expand on their EP, The Scourge waste no time in showing just how much this band has evolved. ‘Warrant…’ displays a professional air alongside a decent production with the band hold the flag high for Texan thrash metal. Tracks like ‘Progressive Forms’, the title track and even the ten-minute epic ‘The Cross On The Wall’ are very entertaining having all the hallmarks of Wrathchild America, Rigor Mortis and even Exciter. However, ‘Mayhem Tonight’ does contain more than an allusion to ‘Command Of The Blade’ from Kreator, but this tongue in cheek delivery can be easily overlooked. Yet, ‘Warrant…’ is not a blatant cry for late 80’s thrash nostalgia; there is a modern art to their work that would appeal to fans of Wolf, Ram and Enforcer with its splashes of trad and NWOBHM.

For a first full-length offering, ‘Warrant…’ is exceptionally enjoyable and fun; there is enough here to step through the minefield of genericism and remind us as to why we like thrash in the first place.

Rating : 70/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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