THE SCREAM Release New Single/Lyrics Video ‘Go Out…Go Mad’

Released by: Sliptrick Records 08.12.23
Format: Online Single/Lyrics Video
Genre: Punk Hardcore | Hard Rock | Metal

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Go Out… Go Mad, the new single from punk hardcore group The SCREAM, was written during the lockdown period due to COVID-19, when the band were confined to their homes, and the only reasons to go out were for work or groceries. It felt like being in a cage. No more fun nights out, no more hanging out with friends, no more live concerts and no more bars for an indefinite amount of time.

In Go Out… Go MadThe SCREAM wanted to escape, at least in their thoughts, from that oppressive situation that seemed to be getting worse day by day, rather than improving. They wanted to express their desire to go out, party, stay out late at night, as we were used to doing before the entire world was put on hold indefinitely. They knew that all the measures were taken for the greater good, but the pandemic made things difficult from this perspective. Fortunately, it’s now just a bad memory. Now The SCREAM can do as the song’s title says: “Go OUT…Go MAD!”

The SCREAM are:
Edoardo Ferri – Bass Guitar/Principal Vocal | Francesco Carrabba – Drums/Backing Vocal | Simone Bardella – Guitar/Backing Vocal

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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