The Zenith Passage release new single; announce line-up

Progressive death metal unit The Zenith Passage stream new single; announce lineup

‘Synaptic Depravation’ streaming now via Unique Leader

Progressive death metal unit The Zenith Passage have released their latest single, ‘Synaptic Depravation’, streaming now via Unique Leader. The band have also announced former The Faceless vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist and former The Faceless & Cynic bassist Brandon Giffin, joining the outfit.

Watch the music video to ‘Synaptic Depravation’ here:

On the new single, bassist Brandon Giffin comments: 
“Its been really cool to work with Justin and the guys. It’s challenging and fun, which is a great combination. If I had to describe the new single, I would say it’s like taking a trip to Flavortown on Mars.”

Vocalist Derek Rydquist continues: 
“It’s been great joining up with Justin and TZP. We are stoked to be back in this corner of the world of death metal, and even more so surprised that we are still capable. We’ve got some shows coming up and can’t wait to perform the set for you all. We’ve got a couple new songs that’ll be part of the set including this new one, ‘Synaptic Depravation’. We hope you dig it. This one’s like being on Mars, with many alien tastes to indulge and explore.”

It was in early 2012 that a small recording collaboration between two friends, (Justin McKinney and Greg Hampton), began to coalesce into something that would prove to be well more than the sum of its parts. The Zenith Passage may have come about from humble beginnings in a stuffy Los Angeles apartment, but the product thereof is anything but humble. Their debut EP, Cosmic Dissonance, delivered a relentless torrent of technical guitar work accompanied by a distinctly frenetic and brutal vocal delivery that has since become an unmistakable hallmark in a scene that is all too often the victim of stagnation. This was then followed by their debut LP, Solipsist, in 2016 on Unique Leader Records.

The Zenith Passage are:
Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist // vocals
Brandon Giffin // bass guitar
Matt Paulazzo // drums
Justin McKinney // guitars

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