Thornbridge – Theatrical Masterpiece

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

He is a busy man, the Order Ogan mastermind Seeb Levermann. I’ve been discussing a variety of albums produced by him over the last few months. And all of these were excellent. Now he was also active for the Lower Franconian Power Metaler Thornbridge. Thematically, torture and oppression in the Middle Ages at the time of witch hunt and Inquisition are processed here. Thornbridge were founded in 2008. However, the debut album “What Will Prevail” did not appear until 2016. For the successor, the musicians have left another three years of time. This is the case with smaller bands when private life takes precedence. But now they just want to shoot out the concentrated, accumulated power (O-Ton Press-Info of the label).

Finally, an intro that fits the album, “Take To The Oars” is a very epic short piece of music, which then merges seamlessly into “Theatrical Masterpiece”, a straightforward rocker with excellent choruses in the refrains and filigree guitar solos. For “Revelation” the Franks have invited a distinguished guest singer Andy B. Frank (Brainstorm). This song was selected for a new series of radio drama (“Seven – The End of Days”), which will also be released in February as an audiobook. The song just bangs out of the speakers. Influences of Speed Metal are unmistakable. With “Demon In Your Heart” followed by a great metal anthem. Again, epic choruses invite you to sing along. “Ember In The Winter Grove” launches first extremely emotional, before going on here again powerfully. A few Thrash influences contrast with the epic choir songs and twin guitar solos. With “Trace Of Destruction” and “The Helmsman” you can hear two more Power Metal anthems par excellence. The album ends contemplative. The bouncer “The Dragon’s Sleeping” is a short acoustic guitar outro.

Seeb Leverman proves once again that he enjoys the production of outstanding Power Metal albums. The musicians also make it easy for him. At Thornbridge four outstanding musicians have come together. The album is full of epic moments, be it anthemic choruses or polyphonic guitar work. There is no shortcoming among the nine regular songs on the album. Nevertheless, something more musical variety would be desirable. The musicians have renounced a ballad. That they can do it, they have at least proven in the outro of the album.

Thornbridge – Theatrical Masterpiece (Official Video):


Jörg “Mo” Naneder – Vocals/Gitarren
Patrick “Pat” Rogalski – Gitarren/Vocals
Patrick “burghi” Burghard – Bass/Vocals
Maximilian “Lucky” Glück – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: February 8th 2019

Playing time: 45:22

Track list:

  • Take To The Oars
  • Theatrical Masterpiece
  • Keeper Of The Royal Treasure
  • Revelation
  • Demon In Your Heart
  • Journey To The Other Side
  • Ember In The Winter Grove
  • Trace Of Destruction
  • The Helmsman
  • Set The Sails
  • The Dragon’s Sleeping

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber



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