Continuing the wave of intrigue and inspiration created by their latest single releases, Thornhill have announced details of their second album Heroine.

Featuring “Casanova,” “Arkangel,” and today’s video for “Hollywood,” the band’s next full-length assault Heroine releases on June 3 via UNFD. Pre-order it here.

Watch the video for “Hollywood” here.

To gear fans up for the release, Thornhill announced a string of preview shows in their native Australia, supported by Whatever, Forever. Over two months out from the record’s release, the band will play the Heroine live and in full, alongside a Q&A unpacking the album.

Close your eyes and hear any of its songs, and this record will transport its listener’s imagination to scenes of classic Hollywood. Riding a creative wave driven by an affection for the glam and charm of this style, Thornhill’s Jacob Charlton (vocals/lyrics) and Ethan McCann (guitar/production) birthedHeroine— a vivid anthology of stories set to a dynamic, cinema-inspired score.

Listeners will no doubt hear the moody and anthemic “Varsity Hearts” and picture scenes from She’s All That, and be transported into the world of James Bond amid the spy-like breakdowns of “Casanova.” Elsewhere, the album references the sounds and styles of some of Hollywood’s most classic titles like Singing in the RainAmerican Beauty, and Baz Luhrmann’s epic Romeo & Juliet.

Drawn to the class and flare of this world, Thornhill offer a stunning listening and visual experience on Heroine as they channel music, cinema, visual art, and storytelling into a cohesive body of work. On today’s newest single offering, itself titled “Hollywood,” Charlton shares more behind its narrative centered around the process of falling out of love.

“The premise of this song follows a protagonist, who is coming to terms with being in love with another girl he’s just met while still being in a relationship that has been slowly falling apart around him. This one-in-a-million encounter with someone who has changed his entire world in a matter of glances is the theme we follow throughout the song until he finally builds the courage to say it out loud. He makes little decisions, puts his current partner in a bad light to make himself feel like he’s in the right, and calls her names as she begs him to announce his true feelings for someone he’s met on their trip to Hollywood.”

“The Hellfire Club”
“Leather Wings”
“Blue Velvet”
“Something Terrible Came With The Rain”
“Varsity Hearts”
Mixed by George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe)

Propped up against their acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, there’s a profound new sense of clarity, vision and intention to be heard on Heroine. Where The Dark Pool touched fans with its mix of crushing riffage and atmospheric metalcore, this record finds Thornhill flexing their skills in the alternative and rock worlds, referencing a tapestry of sounds from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Silverchair and Deftones. At the same time harking to flavours of modern metalcore, Thornhill ultimately want to showcase what can be made of heavy and rock music when there are no borders. Heroine does just this, and comes complete with elevated visuals and theatrics to match.

Vocalist Jacob Charlton, who is also responsible for the band’s styling and music video writing and direction, shares that part of his growth during the album’s creation was finally nailing his own character and style as a vocalist and frontman, much like his performance idols such as Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Gwen Stefani pioneered in their own ways.

“I realized you’re not just singing your lyrics, you’re emoting. You’re conveying a message or a feeling not only through vocals, but through performance,” he muses. “Ethan (McCann, guitar/production) really brought that vibe to the instrumentation, and I was left thinking, ‘Oh, I can’t just sing or scream over this…. what can I do to match that energy he’s presented here, but in a way that people haven’t heard it in a metal setting?’ I realized I needed my own character. I needed to bring that Elvis-y confidence and emotion to my performance to really be able to bring people into the world of what I’m singing about.”

Awarded a laundry list of accolades including triple j’s Feature Album and additions to some Best of The Year lists with its 2019 release, The Dark Pool also garnered nominations including Best International Breakthrough Artist at the 2020 Heavy Music Awards, and Best Independent Heavy Album/EP at the 2020 AIR Awards. The album has amassed over 32 million streams and 3 million YouTube views on its music video.


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