“This rips” — Daniel P. Carter / Radio 1 Rock Show


Brand new Swedish quartet thrown, fronted by vocalist Marcus Lundqvist, drop their neck-breaking sophomore single “fast forward,” streaming now via Arising Empire.

Watch the “fast forward” music video here.

Stream or purchase “fast forward” here.

Presenting lyrics filled with anger, the four-piece effectively blends intense and crushing guitars with catchy yet aggressive vocal rhythms. Without warning, thrown aim to dominate with their modern take on heavy music.

With first single “grayout” and now “fast foward,” thrown bring their “A” game from Day One — and we’re all here for it.

 Lundqvist is joined by Johan Liljeblad and Andreas Malm on guitars, and drummer Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta/Humanity’s Last Breath), as thrown spread their mix of gut-punching metalcore and anger-inciting hardcore.

With ambition already pushing the band to seek out touring opportunities throughout 2022, it’ll be no time before thrown have you singing a long and burning through all your energy in the pit at a live show.

thrown are:
Marcus Lundqvist | Vocals
Johan Liljeblad | Guitar
Andreas Malm | Guitar
Buster Odeholm | Drums


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