THUNDERSPELL – Announces the release date of the 1st single

THUNDERSPELL – Announces the release date of the 1st single

The Brazilian heavy metal band THUNDERSPELL, announced the release date of their 1st Single referring to the promotion of their new album THUNDERWARRIORS. The premiere will be on the day August 24 at 8pm on the band’s official YouTube channel. The name of the song will be released along with the single cover on THUNDERSPELL social media in the coming days.

“We are very anxious to show the result of this work, in which we dedicate ourselves and play our best. The new album will surprise a lot of people, the new songs are sounding killer and we’ll come rolling up and crushing everything like a steamroller. No one will be able to stop the force of northern thunder,” said Bruno Gibson, bassist for THUNDERSPELL.

THUNDERSPELL reported that unfortunately, there were some recording delays during the first semester, which delayed the album work a lot, however, now the band is back with full force and definitely entered the final stretch of records for the new disk.

The new album is being mixed in Los Angeles (USA) by the renowned Brazilian producer Adair Daufembach, a reference in terms of production and audio engineering, and will feature two special guests, one of which is Gerrit P. Mutz, vocalist of the German band Sacred Steel. “We are very excited, anxious and with excellent perspectives on the release of this new album” said Leonardo Rodrigues, lead singer of THUNDERSPELL. Worldwide release forecast by MS METAL RECORDS for the second half of 2022.


– Hugowar: Guitar
– Leo Rodrigues: Vocals
– Bruno Gibson: Bass
– Nathan Carvalho: Drums – Bruno Tavares: Guitar