Til All Is One ‘Vindicta’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Alternative Metal


Living as a multi-national unit, America’s Til All Is One (TAIO) are poised to break out of the trenches of the local Los Angeles scene and into the American leagues with their interesting blend of hard rock, heavy metal and alternative. This merging of sound can be seen in no better place than the bands upcoming debut album ‘Vindicta’.

TAIO putting this eclectic mix of genres into the same melting pot may seem like a hefty gamble, appealing to the mass populace at once whilst simultaneously appealing to no one. This may be the case with ‘Vindicta’, there is no doubt here that the songs are actually very good; many of these tracks are exceptionally memorable and enjoyable with a hefty 90’s vibe. However, ‘Vindicta’ seems to jump genre often, flirting with a sound which is part nu-metal and part post-grunge; tracks such as the title track and ‘Drowning’ have all the hallmarks of mid-90’s Faith No More with a touch of Mudvayne, whilst ‘The Virus’, ‘No Consolation’ and ‘The One I Hate’ explore the melancholy multiple harmony avenues of the likes of Alice In Chains, Live and Bush. All this is well enough, but it leaves the listener wondering exactly who TAIO are.

For a first release, TAIO have delivered something that for all its flaws is very entertaining, yet, it is these flaws which make the release so much fun. Of course, we haven’t seen exactly who TAIO are, but ultimately, this is the band’s debut album, it is a strong start for the band to grow and develop and it will be interesting to see where TAIO go from ‘Vindicta’.

Rating : 74/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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