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After “Blackthorn”, the NWOBHM unsung heroes TRESPASS are back with a new video from the upcoming fourth studio album of the UK collective. “Daggers Drawn” has the urgency of a band hunger for more – even though Trespass has been active, one way or the other, for the last four decades – with a strong, pounding rhythm section and the twin guitars that are the signature of the group.

“Daggers Drawn” definitely shows my Thin Lizzy influence“, guitarist, vocalist and founding member Mark Sutcliffe says. “It’s about man’s inhumanity to man and the never-ending ways we have found to destroy each other. And the tragic tendency to pass that inbred hate and intolerance onto our children“.

“Daggers Drawn” is out today as an official video and can be seen below

Five years after “Footprints In The Rock”, NWOBHM unsung heroes TRESPASS are back with a superb new album entitled “Wolf At The Door”. Encompassing issues and subjects close to their hearts – especially environmental themes – the album were written by founding member, guitar player and vocalist Mark Sutcliffe at his home studio, being later recorded at Crooks Hall Studios, all in the wilds of Suffolk. Nigel Palmer (Raging Speedhorn, Satan’s Empire) then polished altogether in Lowland Masters. 

This typical British environment helped Trespass maintain their NWOBHM signature twin-guitar sound, while having a drive and energy in the rhythm section that transports them right back into the 20s. The artwork, by Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) put the final touch in a release that won’t disappoint the old-school fans, as well as new ones. 

Trespass was formed in 1979 in Sudbury, Suffolk by Mark Sutcliffe (guitar, vocals) and his brother Paul on drums. The band enjoyed success and critical acclaim as part of the New wave of British Heavy Metal in the early 80s, although it has only released a few singles and an EP – the cult “Bright Lights”, from 1981. Songs such as “One Of These Days”, “Stormchild” and “Bright Lights” have made their mark. 

In the 90s, Trespass was back in full action and in 1993 the band finally released their long-awaited debut album “Head”, helping keep the NWOBHM flame alive in a dark decade for traditional metal. The second album, self-titled, surfaced in 2015, and the group didn’t need another decade for a follow-up, with “Footprints In The Rock” being released three years after, with reactions, confirming that Trespass music is still enjoyed by rock and metal fans all over the world. While preparing the next full-length release, Trespass is currently rehearsing a set of classics old and new, for UK and European shows next year. 

“Wolf At The Door” will be released on LP (black vinyl, limited to 500), CD and digital formats via From The Vaults on May 26th, 2023.

Mark Sutcliffe – guitar/vocals
Joe Fawcett – guitar
Jason Roberts – drums
Wil Wilmot – bass


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