TRIAL: Decibel Magazine Streams Debut From UK-Based Dystopian Thrash Duo; EP Sees Release This Friday

This Friday, newly formed UK duo TRIAL will release the first recorded output from the band, unloading the dystopian, thrash metal scourge of their EP. With its release growing ever nearer on the smoldering horizon, Decibel Magazine is hosting an advance stream of the EP now. 

TRIAL formed in early 2020, a shared vision forged under cold, acidic grey metallic skies, with sunlit plains now distant memories. Both members are from seasoned UK acts Khost and Primitive Knot, who, in the context of TRIAL must be known as INTERIM_VOID and DEMÖNIAC. The band is forged from thrash of the mid-1980s which is then further refined by unstable, industrial forces and influences. 1 is a willful, monolithic statement of ongoing intent: five short, destructive bursts, forged from the stinging, acrid, particulate storms that batter their plane of existence. 

The band offers with the stream of their debut, “Our world is of twisted pylon metal, deformed upended concrete superstructures, molecular airborne volatiles and simple observations about lingering 20th century residual effects and inevitable downfall of such effects and customs.”

 Decibel Magazine writes with the advance stream of 1, “Thrash has always been a dystopian genre, lyrically, but UK thrash duo TRIAL take it to the next level with the mechanical, industrial tinges that litter their debut EP, aptly titled 1… Whereas the members’ other projects focus more on a slower speed and atmosphere, TRIAL welcome the faster elements of thrash to their sound, combining the robotic clang with ripping, high-speed thrash in the vein of Metallica and their ilk, like on album highlight ‘Steel Premonition Against Time.’ A thick layer of grime and distortion over everything tops it off, making it ready for human consumption.” 

Hear TRIAL’s EP ahead of release only through Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

TRIAL will self-release this Friday, July 10th, digitally as well as in a limited run of CDs which include an additional track, “Structural Demise.” Find preorders HERE and watch the band’s “Eyes Against Infinite Suppression” video created by Lagomorphosis HERE

The TRIAL outfit has just been confirmed for a Gimme Metal guest DJ session on August 24th. Tune in and see more at

TRIAL was formed in 2020 through a shared vision: dystopian, vistas shrouded in acid precipitation, deformed jagged remnants of superstructures, and humanity rising in scattered, intent hordes. Both members have weathered the storms of thrash/speed/industrial metal through the decades and are hellbent on creating a vision which transmogrifies equal parts ’79, ’86, and the turmoil of recent times. The band is already creating new material to follow 1 in the months ahead.


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