Sasquatchian death metal band TROGLODYTE have unleashed a lyric video for “Speed Kills,” featuring a guest vocal appearance from Brent Purgason (Gwar, U.S. Bastards).

“Speed Kills” tells the cautionary tale about the dangers of hitting a murderous bi-pedal hominid in the family station wagon. TROGLODYTE vocalist Jeff Sisson elaborates:

“When I was a kid, growing up in rural Missouri, there was a guy who claimed he hit a Bigfoot with his old truck one night. Said it was lying ‘dead as fried chicken’ in the road. He went around to the back of his pickup, looking for some rope, and was trying to figure out HOW to get this thing in the bed of the truck. While rifling through stuff, the truck took off. The beast got up and stole his truck. Now, no one believed him. But I always imagined WHAT IF he really did hit one…and where did the Bigfoot learn to drive?”

Sisson says he told this story to GWAR’s Brent Purgason one night, who said, “That’s without a doubt the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…and you wrote a song about it? Count me in.”

New Noise Magazine is hosting the exclusive premiere of the video for “Speed Kills.” Check it out now at this location.

“Speed Kills” is also available on all streaming platforms.

Blood Blast Distribution will release TROGLODYTE’s long-awaited new albumThe Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain on all streaming platforms on 3/5/22. Pre-order the album at

Check out previously released album tracks “Sasquashed (Bigfoot Crank Stomp),” “Meat Your Maker” and “Found Guilty In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Shooting A Man Wearing A Bigfoot Costume” at

The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain features a rouge’s gallery of names from the metal community. ORIGIN bassist Mike Flores, who has taken part in numerous live shows with the band for years, is making his first studio appearance, writing and recording bass on the new album. Brent Purgason (aka Pustulus Maximus of GWAR), Shwan Knight (CHILD BITE), and Ross Sewage (EXHUMED, GHOUL, IMPALED) also make guest appearances.

The album was recorded and mixed by Ryan Vincent/Apollo Audio Alt (Misery Index, Scour). Album artwork by Dusty Peterson (Cattle Decapitation, Six Feet Under, Lamb of God).

TROGLODYTE has been battering audiences with their unique brand of knuckle-dragging metal for well over a decade. Created by special effect artist and music video director Jeff Sisson as an homage to all things Bigfoot, the “creature-features” of the ’70s-’80s and classic death metal.

With titles like “Bring Me the Head of Bigfoot,” “Mummified Yeti Hand,” “Murderous Bi-Pedal Hominid Rampage (Where are My Legs?)” and “Entrails Torn from a Cryptid’s Gut,” these songs are not for the faint of heart or those without a sense of humor.

Appearances at the annual Gwar BQ, Detroit’s Berserker, Las Vegas Death Fest, and Denver’s Black Sky festival, as well as hundreds of shows supporting touring acts such as HATEBREED, ROB ZOMBIE, and GWAR, have made them crowd favorites.

The current line-up features Mike Flores from the ORIGIN, as well as Michael Langner and Brandon Mitchell from the TORN THE FUCK APART.

Chris Wilson
Mike Flores
Brandon Mitchell
Michael Langner
Jeff Sisson


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