Sydney Alt-Punk Rockers Release Their Energetic New Single ‘Survival Instincts’ 

Hailing from the heart of Sydney, Alt Punk Rockers Trouble In Paradise, have just released their energetic new single ‘Survival Instincts’ This new offering is everything you love about Trouble In Paradise wrapped in a powerfully dynamic and raw package brimming with reverb-soaked surf riffs and driving punk grooves.

Vocalist Harley Shaw’s husky vocals kick the song into gear accompanied by an Arctic Monkeys-esque drum and bass groove bursting with youthful energy oscillating between contemporary indie and nostalgic rock. Anthemic choruses are sure to become an instant crowd favorite with the words ‘Survival’ chanted over delectably exciting instrumentation and exhilarating guitar solos. ‘Survival Instincts’ oozes attitude and vibrance that is tastefully punctuated by spacious passages in an effortless way allowing the song to move, breathe and expand with an organic and authentic flow.  

Frontman Harley Shaw speaks about the new single “We’re so excited to finally be getting ‘Survival Instincts’ out there after so long. In saying that, it’s been nice to have the opportunity to slow down, take our time, and dig deeper into our sound and ourselves as musicians and songwriters. The song came about in early 2020, around the time of the Australian bushfires, which is part of what inspired it – that sense of catastrophe and existential dread.

Then when COVID came, we had no choice but to let the song evolve in our own way, inspired by what was going on around us. Something we really loved about the process was how organically it came about – the product we went into the studio with ended up being refined and perfected in some really unexpected ways while working with Simon Dobson at Lakehouse Audio. It all came together so well and we’ve never felt more passionate about a song we’ve released to date.”

Coming off a successful release of their sophomore EP ‘I’m So Much Happy’ which saw the band perform alongside The Rubens and festivals such as the Narara Music FestivalTrouble In Paradise have established lasting roots in NSW’s Heavy Music Scene. Their new single ‘Survival Instincts’ is the perfect follow-up showcasing a band that is bold and confident in their signature sound. Thriving off authenticity, their lively collective chemistry and serving up engaging experiences full of antics and excitement, Trouble in Paradise are here to make their mark in the Alternative & Rock Music Realm.

‘Survival Instincts’ is available now via

Celebrate Live

Artwork by Rachel Price 
Photography by Justin Spry
Music Video by Patrick Starr
Recording by Simon Dobson
Mastering by Jack Nigro 


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