TVINNA Release ‘Louga’ With Music Video
Feat. Fabienne Erni (ELUVEITIE)

Dark electronic pop collective TVINNA are now releasing their first single “Louga” from their new upcoming album ‘Two – Wings of Ember’. 

Special guest on the song and music video is Fabienne Erni, also known as the vocalist from Eluveitie.

Vocalist Laura explains: ” ‘Louga’s’ lyrics are in old-highgerman, once more, as we find this old language to be a wonderful medium for spell-and ritual-like invocations.

This song is our rite to celebrate life, love and the gift of children. A song for them to be welcomed within our circle, show them our unconditional love, offer a home and gift them courage. „Louga“ means „flame“ and we encourage our little flame, i.e. the children, to grow, glow, unfold and be free.”

The song is accompanied by a beautiful music video which can be viewed HERE. Don’t forget to pre-save the song HERE

‘Two – Wings of Ember’ will be released on the 23rd of February 2024 via By Norse. More info such as artwork, tracklist and album details can be found below. 

Pre-order the album HERE

Artwork by:
Concept & Model: Laura Fella
Concept & Photography: Sam Evans
Composition & Graphic Design: Fieke van den Hurk

1. Nénuphar (02:16)
2. Dawn Of Mine (04:05)
3. Louga (feat. Fabienne Erni) (03:33)
4. Irwahhên (04:06)
5. Arma (04:46)
6. Wings Of Ember (05:00)
7. Somnia (06:46)
8. Two Staves (05:01)
9. Fortress (03:58)
10. The Fall (06:06)
11. Der Weg (03:17)

Total length: 48:54


Laura Fella: Vocals, Synthesizer, Shaman Drum, Electronics, Beats (Faun)
Rafael Fella: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronics (Eluveitie)
Alain Ackermann: Drums (Eluveitie)
Sascha van der Meer: Backing Vocals (Solarcycles)

TVINNA live:

23.05.2024 – Hamburg, Hebebühne, DE
24.05.2024 – Leipzig, Naumanns, DE
25.05.2024 – München, Backstage Club, DE

Massive guitar riffs blaze out of melancholic, mystical dark folk mists, rhythmic throbbing ignites soulful hymns -expressive, progressive and deeply emotional at their core. Analogue sound elements meander playfully through tightly woven melodic arcs and spherical rock waves, unleashed and captivating at the same time. Everything comes together, melts and culminates in a rewarding ritual, the second TVINNA album “Two -Wings Of Ember”. 

“Where there is light, there is also darkness. This duality pulsates in each of our songs, it is a big part of our very own perception and aesthetics. By letting the darkness shine, we hope to see the light shine brighter.” (Laura Fella)

Pre-order ‘Two -Wings of Ember’

Follow TVINNA:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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