Little Rock (AR) – Heavy Metal trio MORTALUS have released “The FiXX,” the second single from forthcoming sophomore album We Are HumanCheck out the single at

MORTALUS will release We Are Human on February 24. An album teaser video is available at

MORTALUS is equal parts classic and modern, heavy and melodic, power and finesse, focused and loose.  We Are Human is a showcase of all parts.  It has been a whirlwind since the last album was released.  Impactful events such as a global pandemic, political and worldwide turmoil, addiction, inequality and prejudice, losing family members, decayed friendships, and re-evaluation of one’s own perspective all went into the making of We Are Human.  The band takes its craft very seriously, but by the time the album closes, the listener will know that they still like to have a little fun while

they’re at it.

FFO: Anthrax, D.R.I., Evergrey, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Nightwish, Slayer 


Track Listing:

  1. Battle Born
  2. The FiXX
  3. Fearless
  4. Intended Victims [Official Video]
  5. Dearest friEND
  6. Blood Red Sunset
  7. We Are Human
  8. Danger Zone

Artwork by

Photo Credit: C.MAC Photography


Michelle Gann – Vocals and Guitar
Bryan Bedgood – Bass and Vocals
Patrick Mahoney – Drums and Percussion


Heavy Metal. It’s a term used to describe a genre of music that, in the 21st century, is as expansive as an ocean, with as many subgenre titles as there are species and all the seas. For Mortalus, their brand of metal is an ocean that can be deep and dark, pristine and beautiful, or full on, hull-crushing fury.
The members of Mortalus are students of their craft, striving to be always at the top of their game. Being described as “modern old school” isn’t much of a stretch. The influences are vast expanses, ranging from the obvious, like “The Big Four,” Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, to Evergrey, D.R.I., Nightwish,
and Toto.

The three metalheads of Mortalus wear the title as a badge of honor. Fronted by the Cat 5 hurricane known as “Metal” Michelle Gann, she would be impressive enough as a lead vocalist if not for her beautifully intense guitar skills. Bassist and vocalist Bryan “Bedrock” Bedgood brings in a quirky, melodic style to the ocean bed low end. Drummer Patrick “Gumbo” Mahoney possesses battleship power and intensity behind the kit. Long time a quartet, Mortalus has since become a trio, writing and recording music filled with passion, melody, and yes, power.
Mortalus on YouTube
Mortalus on Spotify


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