drops “Sorry About Death” Single & Video

UK metal powerhouse Slave Steel is proud to release their new single and video, “Sorry About Death.”

In the space race and the race for progress, humankind often becomes ruthless, losing control over technological ambition. The tragic events on this quest for beauty are as important as beauty itself. We can risk and fail, we must learn and evolve.

Directed by the visionary Dean Addison, the “Sorry About Death”
music video is a visual spectacle brought to life by Pil Nazar and Daniele Manganaro.

“Sorry About Death” is now available on all digital platforms: Here

Slave Steel’s music style is a wild mix of thrash, death, and heavy metal vibes, with killer rhythms, groovy guitars, and vocals that’ll give you goosebumps. And when the music’s over, you’re going to want more. That’s how Slave Steel rolls.

This band doesn’t just make music; they craft an experience that’ll take you to a whole new level. These guys are known for their in-your-face style and mind-blowing live performances.

 “In Fieri,” is available on all digital platforms via Wormholedeath.

Stream the album here: orcd.co/infieri
Get the physical CD here: www.auralwebstore.com/InFieri


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