Ukrainian Nu Metal Sensation Katana Sets the World Ablaze with ‘Flame of Life’: Igniting Inner Fire with Dynamic Musical Passion!

Hailing from war torn Ukraine, Katana emerges as a dynamic force, delivering a powerful message with their track “Flame of Life.” This anthemic masterpiece not only captures the essence of resilience but also serves as a testament to the band’s commitment to igniting the flames of inspiration worldwide. With electrifying energy and unwavering dedication, Katana’s music transcends boundaries, empowering listeners to confront life’s trials head-on and embrace their inner strength. Seamlessly blending pulsating riffs and fervent vocals, the band crafts an experience that resonates deeply with audiences, inviting them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With two distinct versions of “Flame of Life,” Katana ensures that every listener finds solace and motivation in their music, reaffirming their status as a beacon of hope in the global music landscape.

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An electrifying fusion of Nu Metal and Hardcore from this powerhouse Ukrainian band. Brace yourself for heavy guitar riffs, bone-crushing breakdowns, and intense vocals.

In 2019, guitarist Vitalii Bodnar and vocalist Vladyslav Byvalin serendipitously met in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, united by their mutual passion for music. Fuelled by this shared fervor, they swiftly decided to form a band. By July of that same year, drummer Oleksandr Matviychuk had joined their ranks, followed by guitarist Yevhen Lysenko in November, marking the inception of KATANA. Despite facing lineup adjustments and myriad challenges, the band persisted, culminating in the recording of their debut single, “Я не будую стін” (I’m Not Building Walls), with this lineup intact.

The band’s trajectory encountered a stumbling block in 2020 with quarantine measures stalling their live performances. However, their inaugural live show at Docker G Pub in Kyiv garnered acclaim from Ukrainian rock luminaries, underscoring their potential within the European festival circuit. In February 2021, bassist Dmytro Voynarovskiy joined the ensemble, and KATANA unveiled their debut album, “Ворог” (The Enemy), delving into themes of self-betterment and the pursuit of happiness. Drummer Vladislav Zakharchuk took over from Oleksandr Matviychuk in December 2021.

Despite the tumult of 2022 amid the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, KATANA rallied for charitable concerts, extending support to the Ukrainian military and displaced individuals. On October 1, 2022, they dropped the music video “Твори” (Create), spotlighting the significance of creativity. July 2023 witnessed the launch of an English-language EP titled “Destruction,” wherein KATANA explores human imperfections and the transformative essence of chaos.

Early August 2023 saw KATANA refreshing their lineup with bassist Bednarskyi Kostiantyn and drummer Hetman Yaroslav. The current ensemble encompasses a diverse array of musical influences, culminating in a distinctive amalgamation of Nu Metal, Rapcore, and Alternative sounds. KATANA remains steadfast in their philanthropic endeavors and looks forward to unveiling their second album, resolutely committed to leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape. When probed about their moniker, they succinctly assert, “Because it blows your head off!”


 Vladyslav Byvalin – Vocals
Vitalii Bodnar – Guitar
Yevhen Lysenko – Guitar
Bednarskyi Kostiantyn – Bass
Hetman Yaroslav – Drums


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