Unprocessed is a German Metal band from Wiesbaden, Hessen, founded in 2013. The band was formed by guitarist Manuel and drummer Jan in 2012 together with the earlier bassist, singer and second guitarist. 

After a few line-up changes, the current members decided on sticking to a highly diversifying sound, which can be described as a technically sophisticated modern style of Progressive Metal.

A literal exceptional formation that has created it’s  own genre with its futuristic hybrid mix of virtuously performed alternative metal and gloomy, atmospheric with electronic elements. 

After tracks streamed millions of times, the group of four is now presenting their new single “Candyland” amazing song with the unique guitars and the great voice of Manuel , on which Unprocessed have dramatically developed their vision of a contemporary and trend-setting signature sound!

They make a great collaborations with the band Polyphia. 
This band it’s a great  recommendation for the metalheads listen to a new kind of metal. 


Disturbingly Good


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