With their last two single releases, “Candyland” and “Rain,” Unprocessed garnered status as an unmissable independent act far beyond the confines of the metal scene.

With their genre-bending, futuristic hybrid blend of thrilling, alternative metal, darkly atmospheric electronica, and catchy pop hooks, the German quartet is one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the European alternative scene.

Today, Unprocessed share the new song “Portrait,” and it’s the latest taste from their upcoming album.

Now, with the rich imagery contained in “Portrait,” singer and guitarist Manuel Gardner Fernandes, David Levy (bass, synthesizer), Christoph Schultz (guitar), and Leon Pfeifer (drums) release an epic song, during which the band (average age: 25) invites you into a surreal fantasy world, located somewhere between dark pop and progressive metal.

Unprocessed combine dramatic industrial beats with bombastic classical elements, virtuosic, clean guitar sections, and hypnotic metal riffing along with evocative vocals to create an almost film noir-like atmosphere. Ultimately, the track explodes in a true supernova of dark energy as it closes.

“With ‘Portrait,’ I imagined myself putting on a mask of enthusiasm and hiding from my problems,” says frontman and guitarist Fernandes. “Lyrically, the song tells a tale of arrogance and a twisted self-image — a king who wants to be perceived as perfect, and therefore tries to hide his obvious flaws from himself. The portrait he has made of himself shows him as he really is, and confronts him with his true face.” The message is as topical as ever, especially in these times we are living in.

The band finishes, “With ‘Portrait,’ we show the unwavering, gritty core of the band. That side has always and will always be part of us, no matter what the musical context.” 

Unprocessed are currently working on their album, slated for early 2022. They are also confirmed to appear at the Rock am Ring & Rock im Park festivals in 2022.


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