Ross Creations has teamed up with Tampa, Florida melodic death metal band BLOOD OF ANGELS and released a new prank video titled “Hiring a Heavy Metal Band to Follow Me at the Gym Instead of AirPods“.

Blood of Angels – “Hiring a Heavy Metal Band to Follow Me at the Gym Instead of AirPods” video

Guitarist Aaron Robinson comments:

Ross Creations teamed up with Blood of Angels for a awesome comedy video.
The video premise is that the actor’s headphones broke asking the band to play during his workout.

In other news, Blood of Angels are currently working on our new album. We will be back in the studio in April 2023. Expect more powerful melodic death metal madness.

Blood of Angels band Line-Up:

Randy Reyes – Vocals
Aaron Robinson – Guitars
Jonathan Rushford – Drums
Maggot – Bass

For the latest Blood of Angels news, visit their official website and social media sites at the following locations:

Official Blood of Angels website
Official Blood of Angels Facebook page
Official Blood of Angels Instagram page


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