Souls Worn Thin Signs with Epictronic Records for Album “Kill Your TV” Set to Be Released on May 26th, 2023

Pacific Northwest-based melodic punk/rock band Souls Worn Thin has signed with Epictronic Record for their album “Kill Your TV”, set to be released on May 26th, 2023.

With “Kill Your TV”, SWT offers a scathing rebuke of the manufactured division permeating society with the same ferocity they rebuke craft beer. The band has been known to deliver their brand of melodic rock/punk simmered in the muddy footprints of the Puget Sound, where they hail from. Their music has an almost tangible Pacific Northwest feel that vacillates between aggressive and cheeky, making it an instant hit among fans of the genre.

Souls Worn Thin is the contrivance of Stephen Wayne (vocals and guitar), who is joined by Josh White, a heavy-hitting all-out beast on the kit, and Cody Sanders, the always energetic bass player. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by the punk and grunge bands of their youth, and they strive to bring back that energy to the stage.

The local scene has a heavy influence on the guys. They try to get out to as many other local bands’ shows as often as they can. The scene took quite a beating during the last few garbage sauce years, but the band makes it a priority to go to the shows, buy that band’s t-shirt, and over-tip that bartender. The SWT boys decided to zag while other bands zigged, focusing more on uniting the scene rather than causing division.

“Kill Your T.V.” was recorded at Magic Mix Studios with the incomparable Daum Duo, where they just finished recording their next album which is currently being mastered by Howie Wienberg Studios.

For more information about Souls Worn Thin and their music, visit their website or check out their social media links:


1. Kill Your TV
2. Pawn
3. Blur
4. Burying My Old Throne
5. Ain’t No Life
6. Hollow
7. Start a Band
8. Comply
9. Swarm
10. 37 Whiskey Bottles


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