L-R – Daniel Simard (Guitar), Érik Grenier (Guitar), Corinne Cardinal (Lead Vocals), Jérémy Racine (Drums)
Photography by Philippe Quinn – Picture artwork by Corinne Cardinal

Since 2009, Canada’s Valfreya has been honing their sound bringing in elements from black metal, and folk metal with touches of symphonic metal to create powerful music that has been heard around the world. With an impressive five albums already under their belts, they are gearing up for the sixth “Dawn of Reckoning”, coming out on May 24, 2024. A formidable concept album that tells of the goddess Hel striking back at humanity, it is a gritty, aggressive journey into mythology. The band comments on the second single “Le Périple” (“The Journey”), which is being released now in lyric video form:

“This album marks a significant evolution in our sound. While our earlier works leaned heavily on joyful and folkloric elements, “Dawn of Reckoning” takes on a symphonic blackened death metal approach. As for the single, it represents a human’s life: Innocence, discovery, ambition, false ideas, lies… This being slowly realizes that humanity is not virtuous.”

Gone are the days of folk metal and Viking metal. Valfreya invites listeners to embrace dark symphonies intertwined with tumultuous guitar riffs that will leave an indelible mark on their minds. “Dawn of Reckoning” promises to guide audiences through a journey of bitterness, nostalgia, and apocalyptic destruction, all set against a backdrop of cold nature and epic melodies.

Valfreya is a Canadian blackened death symphonic metal band hailing from Montreal. With a diverse discography that spans multiple genres, Valfreya continues to push the boundaries of metal music with its innovative sound and uncompromising vision. They are recommended for fans of Xaon, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Carach Angren.

Indiegogo / Album Pre-Order – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/contribute-to-valfreya-s-new-release#/
Merch, CDs and digital music (available on May 24)- https://valfreya.bandcamp.com
Lyric Video “The Rise” – https://youtu.be/2Y8VIg37iMg

Track Listing:
1. Dawn of Reckoning – 1:56
2. The Rise – 5:55
3. Warcry – 5:52
4. The Fate – 4:10
5. The Fall – 5:22
6. Equilibrium – 8:31
7. The Fallen Kings – 5:02
8. A New Era – 5:11
9. Le Périple – 4:44
10. Reus es – 6:14
Album Length: 53:02

More info: https://linktr.ee/valfreyaofficial


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