The metal outfit, VantaVoid, comprised of Frank Gioia (CrankThatFrank) and Tyler Young (Makeout), have released their first single “Outcast.” This marks the first time the duo has released a song under the name VantaVoid, since previously working together and releasing a track for CrankThatFrank titled “Drowining” in July 2019.

“The release of ‘Drowning’ went better than we ever could have imagined,” says Tyler“After a release like that, we knew we had to keep making songs.”

“Drowning” debuted at #1 on the iTunes metal charts, and the two knew that they had created something special. After some deliberation, they settled on the name VantaVoid, and went on to record a batch of new songs.

When asked about the meaning behind the new single, Frank explains, “Outcast is a song about a time in my life where I completely isolated myself from society. I was nihilistic, addicted, and trapped in my own hell. This song is cathartic for me because writing it made me feel like I buried a version of myself that I loathe. The lyrics sound like I’m talking about someone else, but I’m really just screaming at myself. I wrote the lyrics that way to tap into the gut-wrenching feelings we all get whether it be from a sour relationship, substance, or traumatic life experiences. I think it’s important to let songs have their own meaning for you.”

Frank went on to explain how the duo wrote their new tracks
“We recorded a batch of songs that we plan to release in the coming months. All of these songs were recorded by Tyler in his apartment in LA and honestly, it’s a miracle he didn’t get an eviction notice. We were fortunate enough to have Drew Fulk (WZRD BLD) mix & master our tracks and he really dialed these songs up. The tracks are raw, visceral, and heavy.”
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VantaVoid bio:
The inception of VantaVoid started in 2019. What originally started as a one-off single (Drowning) turned into a permanent fixture. Tyler Young is the brains of the band handling guitar, bass, and drums. Frank Gioia is the heart handling vocals and lyrics. With an unmatched level of rage and darkness, they welcome you to enter the void.


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