Vaquero Premieres Electrifying New Single “I’ll Be Your Drug”
Following Hot Off The Heels of Debut Single’s Success, “Stranger”

Single artwork Credit: Julius Muraga

Vaquero, the rising stars of alternative metal, are back with their highly anticipated new single, “I’ll Be Your Drug,” available now on all major streaming platforms. Following the success of their debut single “Stranger” and its haunting music video, Vaquero continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of raw intensity and introspective depth.

“I’ll Be Your Drug” is a powerful anthem that delves into themes of addiction, dependence, and the dark allure of toxic relationships. With Travis Presley’s emotive vocals and Dean Wells’s intricate compositions, the track offers a dynamic soundscape that pulls listeners into its gripping narrative. The band’s signature blend of alternative metal and metalcore shines through, making “I’ll Be Your Drug” a must-listen for fans of the genre.

The song itself is a bold, swaggering track that harks back to the audacious posturing of 80‘s glam metal. The single opens with a grandiose flourish, evoking the larger-than-life mythology that drug culture espouses. Travis Presley’s vocal performance is particularly striking, breaking away from the conventional mold to showcase a smattering of vibrato falsetto that adds a unique, almost theatrical layer to the song.

Lyrically and thematically, “I’ll Be Your Drug” delves deep into themes of loss, tragedy, and the bitter state of the world, creating a poignant narrative that resonates with contemporary issues. Musically, the track is a powerhouse. The guitars swell to epic heights, threatening to crack the roof off any venue that dares house them, while the mid-tempo metallic march provides a solid backbone to the composition.

The song’s finale is marked by a cowboy-style whoop, a dissonant yet fitting contrast to the rest of the track. This unexpected element serves as the perfect punctuation to a musical medley that blends intensity with introspection, making “I’ll Be Your Drug” a standout addition to Vaquero’s burgeoning discography. It also serves as the calling card of an act inspired by the likes of Tombstone’s Doc Holliday — new listeners will be left waiting for this smoking gun to crack off another shot, and soon. 

Vaquero’s debut single “Stranger” garnered widespread acclaim for its profound exploration of the shadow self, inspired by Carl Jung’s psychological concepts. The accompanying music video, featuring Travis Presley confronting various versions of himself, has amassed thousands of views and sparked conversations about self-acceptance and inner conflict. This impactful debut set the stage for Vaquero’s emergence as a formidable force in the alternative metal scene.

About Vaquero

Emerging from Melbourne, Australia, Vaquero, led by Travis Presley, is a compelling blend of alternative rock, metalcore, and alternative metal. The project, named after the resilient and loyal character Doc Holliday from Tombstone, mirrors Travis’s own life’s philosophy of facing challenges head-on. This ethos is deeply embedded in their music, particularly in their debut single, “Stranger,” an exploration of confronting and integrating one’s shadow self, inspired by Carl Jung‘s psychological concepts.

Vaquero’s sound is a unique concoction, with Travis’s raw vocal emotion and Dean Wells‘s intricate compositions creating a sonic landscape that’s both expansive and intimate. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, including Asking Alexandria, Bad Wolves, and Sevendust, Vaquero forges a path that pays homage to the giants of rock while carving out its own identity. Their music is not just an auditory experience but a journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of their psyche alongside the band.

Born in Sacramento and transplanted to Melbourne, Travis’s journey from playing with Burn Halo in the US to creating Vaquero in Australia is a testament to his undying passion for music and resilience in the face of life’s unpredictabilities. Vaquero is more than a band; it’s a narrative of perseverance, a beacon for those who find solace in music’s power to transcend life’s tumultuous seas. Join Vaquero as they navigate the landscapes of sound and emotion, promising a journey filled with introspection, resilience, and raw energy.

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