Vela Pulsar Present Dramatically Ethereal Lyric Video For Reverence Of Being”

Lyric Video Premiere via NoCleanSinging

Out Now! New Album “Memoirs of Unbecoming”

Last year, international melodic black metal act Vela Pulsar released their debut EP “Memoirs of Unbecoming” and now has a lyric video out for the track Reverence Of Being”. The trio, who live in Toronto, ON and Portland, OR completed the record during the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved challenging and posed difficulties with the various ways it affected their lives.

The band cites that the single is a representation of nearly everything that Vela Pulsar embodies as a band. They explain further:

“’Reverence Of Being’ conveys both a sense of struggle and of overcoming adversity – both physically and within – while being paired with a sense of hope. While not a direct reference, it could be looked at similarly to the Nietzsche quote ‘to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering,’ and both of those aspects being a part of you and are worth revering. This is shown in the music too, through moments that are both dark and foreboding, and warm and uplifting, leaving you with the conclusion that despite all that’s happening, the only thing you can do is persevere. With the inclusion of orchestrations, acoustic guitar passages, both tribal and blast beat drumming, dark atmospheres, a melodic climax and a soaring ending.”

“The album “Memoirs Of Unbecoming deals with themes of hope, loss, courage, and perseverance in the wake of uncertainty. Stripping away all that we are and seeing what’s left, in the moments that shape us. This is not just presented lyrically, but musically as well through various musical passages that go from uplifting and catchy, to mournful, sorrowful and brooding. According to the band, the music on this album is deeply personal and emotional to them, and they want their fans to experience and connect with the same emotions they’ve put into it.

Reverence Of Being” is sorrowful, yet hopeful, and is recommended for fans of Aquilus, Uada and Altar Of Plagues.

The video for Reverence Of Being” can be viewed and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Memoirs Of Unbecoming” was released on December 8, 2020 and available on the following platforms:
Velapulsarbm.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple MusicAmazon.

Track Listing:
1. Levitations (9:19)
2. Reverence Of Being (10:40)
3. A Refuge Impassable (10:26)
Album Length: 30:25

For more info:

With members residing in both Toronto, ON and Portland, OR, what originally started as a personal project between Ryan Mueller and Samantha Holmes became a more serious band when Samantha proposed doing an album. This led Ryan to recruit his brother (and fellow A Flock Named Murder bandmate) Cam to handle the drums. Thus, Vela Pulsar was born.

At over 30 minutes in length, the debut “Memoirs Of Unbecoming” deals with themes of hope, loss, courage, and perseverance in the wake of uncertainty. Stripping away all that we are and seeing what’s left, in the moments that shape us. This manifested into a swirling and emotional hybrid of symphonic and post-black metal, for fans of Alcest, Uada, Altar Of Plagues, Caladan Brood, Sojourner, Aquilus and Agalloch.


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