Warrior Soul are looking to Record, Mix, Master,Promote and Tour the New Album in 2017!


You mighta had dope, guns, and riots in the streets, but your kids have smartphones and Netflix and they could not care less about your cyclops revolution. Which is a bit of a nightmare for the last true rock star, a wild-card from the streets of Detroit named Kory Clarke who built his reputation on being the baddest motherf*cker in all of Badsville with an incendiary socio-political agenda and a roar-for-war that rattles mountains.

Warrior Soul shows aren’t just gigs. They are profane sermons delivered with HIGH VELOCITY and MAXIMUM VOLUME and THIS is what this New WARRIOR SOUL Album is all about!

Get ready for a great Summer Record ….

Metalheads Forever MAG and all the team of MHF, are committed and want your help to back them up to achieve their goal and have the next amazing record for this 2017!

Kory Clarke is writing again and we KNOW what that means!

In helping Clarke achieve his new record he is offering  great rewards in return for your support.   The last few years has been getting incredible reviews and done amazing shows and Festivals.  Warrior Soul’s new Live Album ‘Tough As F*ck’  (released Nov. 2016) has had great reviews and is a great indication of the commitment and potential of this next project.

We are all bonded by metal and we are one big family, lets raise our horns and collaborate with our brothers WARRIOR SOUL so they can be able to make this next record!!

*The album is planned  to be released in June 2017. This is the intention, we will release it as soon as it’s ready! If you have bought perks that can be delivered before that date then you can request to have them sooner, otherwise they will all be sent together when it’s launched.

Link for contribute with our brothers in WARRIOR SOUL


Band’s Official Facebook Page





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