We Would Love To Perform All Over The World – New single & Interview with Ignescent

By Rainer Kerber

In my e-mail inbox countless emails with promo inquiries are bustling. So, it is not always easy to pick individual bands. The last time I saw Ignescent from Chicago (Illinois). This band is probably rather unknown, not only in Europe. In the US Midwest that something probably looks different because the musicians are there often live on the go. But I think it’s worth to take a closer look to the band and their current single

The single “Into The Night” was released on March 29th, 2019. This is a lively classic (hard) rock song. Here, above all, the singer Jennifer can shine with her powerful voice. But also her bandmates make sure that the song really bangs out of the speakers.

Although Ignescent have been on stage for many years, the band is still relatively unknown. So, I simply asked some questions to singer and band founder Jennifer Benson. Here are her answers.

Hello. I’m Rainer and write for the Metalheads Forever Magazine. Thanks for being able to do this short interview with you. You are still largely unknown. Except maybe the US Midwest. Please introduce yourself. What is the meaning of the name of the band?

Ignescent is a rock band from Chicago, IL.  The band name means to “ignite” so we want to ignite people’s hearts on fire with our music.

How would you describe your music style? Which other musicians are your influences?

Our music style is rock.  Bands like Skillet, Flyleaf, Red, Evanescence, Asking Alexandria, and Stryper.

To my knowledge, you have only released singles and EPs so far. Is a real album planned?

We would love to release a full album someday and that is definitely a goal of ours.


You have been touring mainly in the Midwestern United States. Do you intend to perform live in other regions? What about Europe?

We would love to perform ALL over the world if the opportunity would come up.  That is definitely what we would love to do!


I would like to thank you again. Do you want to say something more to the fans at the end?

I actually lived in Germany for 3 years in Bavaria.  I love the country!  It’s so beautiful!  Ignescent has had the opportunity to open and play with many bands at festivals like Megadeth, Stryper, Saliva, Eve 6, Flyleaf, and many others.  Our new song was produced by Cameron Mizzel (Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens) and our previous song “Calling Out to You” was co-written with Ben Kasica of Skillet.  Our song “Fearless” was co-written with Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf.  We hope you enjoy our new song with a positive message!


Jennifer Benson – Vocals
Deven Elion – Lead Guitar
Joey Sepulveda – Rhythm Guitar
Dany Gomez – Bass
Chris Calix – Drums


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