Weekly Suggestions by Shibalika Tamuli

Welcome to MHF! This is the first ever leg of my weekly suggestions of, well, “new metalz” for you guys, haha! If you’re looking for something different and unique to jam into these days, you’re in the right place. So here we go…

1 – U.M.A. by Progenie Terrestre Pura


Progenie Terrestre Pura is a project born in the ends of 2009. Combining black metal with electronic and ambient sounds, creating something beyond the classic black-ambient combo with more elaborate and layered electronic elements. It’s an IDM approach in psybient landscapes.

2 – Dethroned / Excommunication

Released in 2006 through Butchered records, this is a split album between Dethroned and Excommunication. Although Dethroned are the highlights of this album, Excommunication did a pretty well job too.

3 – A Wintersunset – Empyrium

These German symphonic folk/doom (earlier) and neofolk/darkfolk (later) band is inspired by nature, darkness, sorrow and even romance. With highly poetic lyrics they bring forth an explanation of beauty in a musical way. Schwadorf’s deep Gothic voice combined with dark melodies inside portrays a darkness that is beyond beauty. Have a listen and fall in love!.

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