Recently, the entry of David Shankle into WIINGS OF DESTINY was confirmed.
Shankle was the guitarist for the band Manowar from 1989 to 1995 and he played on the album The Triumph of Steel. 
He succeeded Ross the Boss, also coinciding with the arrival of drummer Rhino.
David Shankle, also known for his solo project DSG, joins as guitarist and official member of the band.

WOD drop new single “RISE ABOVE THEM ALL” with the new lineup via WormHoleDeath Records.

Buy / Streamthe single HERE

The band already has managed to record couple of new singles and is getting ready to bring their show live. The first single, “RISE ABOVE THEM ALL” released through Wormholedeath Records, manifests the newfound power of the band by showing absolute virtuosity and such a unique sound and style developed by the band through all these years.

Anton Darusso, states:

It´s a new step for the band, we are adding a new explosive ingredient, though it can be considered as a certain risk by adding already established name in our ranks, I am sure our fans and followers will embrace this new line-up and we will bring even more attention to everything we do. We are a bunch of musical war dogs, ready to hit the stage. Absolute power and renaissance, finesse & aggressiveness. It will certainly be a blast for everyone.”

David Shankle states:

My metal brothers in Wings of Destiny are a mega-shredding arsenal of music close to my heart. After collaborating on “Rise Above” we were all excited about joining forces to create a new unique metal machine. My composing and shreding style fit perfectly into this musical force, and I can’t wait to bring this demonic sound of power, speed and aggressive intensity live to metal fans everywhere.”

Anton Darusso (Voice and Keyboards)
David Shankle (Guitar)
Andres Castro (Guitar)
Emil Minott (Bass)
Horacio Paris Kofoed (Drums)

Costa Rica Power Metal Band, is planning a tour in MEXICO, Central and South America to promote the new album MEMENTO MORI
The band is accepting booking inquiries for 2022 hope that you will consider booking us for your next event.
Founded at the end of 2013, influenced by bands like Helloween, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra and Symphony X; the band developed a very particular and recognizable sound creating a cult following among fans around the world.

“Memento Mori”, the simple reminder that we are all going to die soon and that we cannot think of ourselves as immortal beings.


Disturbingly Good


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