Wolf ‘Feeding The Machine’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Century Media Records/Heavy Metal

Unfortunately, with the way the music industry works at times, it has been far too long since Wolf last released an album with ‘Devil Seed’ being released in 2014. Thankfully, the wait is over and this year has the Swedish heavy metal band returning with their latest album ‘Feeding the Machine’.

Wolf are an exceptionally consistent band, delivering top drawer quality heavy metal album after album and that is no different with ‘Feeding…’. What the listener gets with this album is a full-frontal assault of traditional heavy metal that powers forward with all the aggressive nature of a circling wolf pack. ‘Feeding…’ is an album which is instantly grabbing, it manages to pull the listener in with its easy, enjoyable and memorable chorus’ throughout, particularly during ‘Shoot To Kill’, ‘Devil In The Flesh’ and ‘Midnight Hour’, even if the latter does have a chorus that is similar to Iron Maiden’s ‘Still Life’. But, that is where ‘Feeding…’ excels, there is a warm familiarity about this album that makes it so enjoyable, it is like catching up with a friend that hasn’t been seen for years and picking up where it was left and that is how you know that Niklas Stålvind and company have delivered something very, very good that would appeal to fans of classic bands such as Maiden and Priest, but also newer acts like RAM and Enforcer.

‘Feeding…’ is one of the best traditionally sounding heavy metal albums released this year so far and it will be highly unlikely that that will change. Fans of this sound should definitely grab this album and don’t be surprised come the year end if Wolf are riding high in the proper lists of heavy metal albums of 2020.

Rating : 87/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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