After Evolution
War Of The Worlds
Label: Wormholedeath
Out: June 17th, 2022
Playing time: 46:14

After Evolution are a Symphonic Metal band from Zlín (Moravia, Czech Republic). The band was founded in 2013 by Nikolette Olšáková and Michal Matzner. Both are the permanent members of the band. Otherwise, there have been a number of line-up changes. The debut album “Threnodies” was released in 2016. Six years have passed since then. In June of this year, the musicians released the second album “War Of The Worlds”. In addition to Nightwish, Epica and Within Temptation, the soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer is also mentioned as an inspiration. Sounds exciting. Let’s have a listen.

The title song “War Of The Worlds” is right at the beginning. After a short intro, the basses and guitar riffs boom out of the speakers. A good midtempo banger to start with. Only when the double bass is pushing, the tempo picks up a bit. The same can be said about “The Path”. Since the instrumentation is temporarily reduced a bit, Nikolette Olsson’s singing comes into its own more. “Cursed” is a beautiful ballad. The singer accompanies herself here on the electric piano. Strings can be heard in the background. Later, drummer Vítězslav Janás sets a calm rhythm. Michal Matzner’s guitar solo is the icing on the cake. “Librum Fortitudinis” starts with an epic orchestral introduction, but soon this calm is over. Despite all the speed, beautiful melodic arcs prevail. And you can hear pushing bass lines again (Adam Bittó). Front woman’s e-piano is also used on “Once Upon A Time”. Another ballad, but not as minimalistic instrumented as “Cursed”. Evil growls give it a Metal touch, as does the double bass. “Final Hope” has a strong Folk edge to it. You can hear Celtic influences here. Next to the title song and the ballads, one of the highlights. “In The Chains” is then probably more mainstream. Maybe this piece was designed for commercial Rock Radio stations. In contrast, “Dark Side” seems really dark. Heavy riffs dominate again, with synth strings underneath. In “Infinity Flames” angry growls can be heard again. Unfortunately, the short press info is silent about who contributes them. The keyboards create a Gothic Rock atmosphere. Shortly before the end, another highlight follows with “Nothing Left But Pain”. Melodic, but riff heavy. An orchestral conclusion is provided by “The Victory”. However, the guitars sound very dark here as well. 

On “War Of The Worlds” you can definitely hear the aforementioned idols. However, without the heaviness of Nightwish or especially Epica. Less bombastic than Within Temptation. But very suitable as soundtracks. The vocals are mostly soprano or mezzo-soprano, but don’t sound operatic. The atmosphere is predominantly gloomy, which brings the compositions close to Gothic Rock. An album worth listening to, which especially fans of Melodic or Symphonic Rock/Metal can enjoy. With this, After Evolution certainly play in the upper league, but it is still a long way to the Symphonic Metal Olympus.

After Evolution – “War Of The Worlds” (Official Music Video):


Nikolette Olšáková aka Nikolette Olsson – Vocals, Composer, Keyboards
Michal Matzner – Guitars
Adam Bittó – Bass
Vítězslav “Vic” Janás – Drums

Track list:

  • War of the Worlds
  • The Path
  • Cursed
  • Liber Fortitudinis / The Book of Destiny
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Final Hope
  • In the Chains
  • Dark Side
  • Infinity Flames
  • Nothing Left but Pain
  • The Victory
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 7/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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