Lazy Man’s Load
Saint’s Full Of Sin

Lazy Man’s Load, the Greek powerhouse, storms back onto the scene with their second album, “Saints Full of Sin,” igniting a fire that melds the raw, unyielding force of heavy rock with the sharpness and engaging power of heavy metal. Following their debut, “All Hat No Cattle,” this album serves as a testament to their growth and evolution as a band. The record was released a month ago by the VinylStore and has a total playing time of 44 minutes.

From the onset, “Saints Full of Sin” immerses listeners in a maelstrom of sound with the opening track, “Crimson Prayer.” The band’s ability to seamlessly blend mid-tempo riffs with a relentless energy embodies the collision of heavy rock’s groove and the heavy metal gritty attitude, delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience.

Lazy Man’s Load’s mastery shines through in their adeptness at creating a sonic landscape that’s both aggressive and at the same time quite melodic. Tracks like the pulsating “Prime Evil,” the titular anthem “Saints Full of Sin,” and the enthralling “Fed to the Shrine” are prime examples of their ability to craft a relentless yet captivating sonic tapestry that leaves an indelible mark.

However, it’s the unexpected divergence in “Abfall” that adds a layer of depth to the album. This track, with its slower tempo and foreboding atmosphere, presents a mild yet effective contrast. The infusion of doom metal influences here showcases the band’s versatility while maintaining the album’s cohesive thematic core.

Production-wise, “Saints Full of Sin” is grade A. The polished yet gritty production enhances the band’s raw energy, allowing each riff and drumbeat to reverberate powerfully. Lazy Man’s Load’s sound feels both refined and unapologetically raw, a testament to their commitment to delivering a compelling musical experience.

In essence, “Saints Full of Sin” is a roaring testament to Lazy Man’s Load’s prowess. Their ability to seamlessly blend heavy rock and metal elements into a cohesive, adrenaline-soaked journey is commendable. 

  • Overall Rating - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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