Night Of Retribution
Label: Metalapolis Records / SPV
Out: November 10th, 2023
Playing time: 43:40

The press info calls Rigorious a “German Power Metal hopefuls”. Big words for the band founded in Monheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 2021. It also says that they indulge in Heavy Metal in its more modern form with synthesizer and orchestral elements. The EP “Iron Wings / Power Of My Sword” was released in 2022. Now the album debut “Night Of Retribution” is finished. A quality feature should be that Grave Digger shouter Chris Boltendahl took care of production, mixing and mastering.

“Victory” gets off to a good start. Right from the start, the band is on the move. Catchy melodies and an epic chorus characterise the song. With “Lay With Me” it gets faster and harder. Discreet keyboards can be heard in the background. But otherwise the drums dominate. And here again a refrain that you can quickly sing along with. “Iron Wings” is a great Metal anthem with fast riffs and beautiful guitar melodies. “Fight For Your Lives” offers a mix of rhythm and melody. “Brothers Arise” starts balladesque with acoustic guitars, but later becomes a Power Metal anthem. Once again the epic choruses impress. What had been announced briefly before follows with “Children Of The Night” – the contemplative ballad, at least at the beginning. The singer is accompanied by acoustic guitars and keyboard sounds. Later, the whole rhythm section joins in and provides more tempo. So it’s not a pure ballad after all. The calm is over again with “Ride Till We Die”. Here the band goes at a high tempo again. “Behind The Curtains” starts with synth strings and flutes, but soon becomes punchy. “Lost” is quieter again, mainly characterised by e-piano and synth strings. The tension ranges from acoustic to power ballad. Chris Boltendahl contributes the spoken word vocals. The final track, “Power Of My Sword”, is once again a Metal anthem.

As the song titles suggest, the lyrics are all about combat in a fantasy novel. Two guest musicians on bass are on board (the Argentine Ignacio Lopez (Skiltron) and the Spaniard Jose Gutierrez Carlos (Every King Has A Clown)). Rigorious’ debut album is a success all around. A balanced mixture of High-Speed-Metal, hymns and ballads.


Lukas Remus – Gesang
Lukas Famula – Gitarre
Christopher Blankenaufulland – Gitarre
Sebastian Kanczok – Bass
Paul Reil – Schlagzeug

Track list:

  • Victory
  • Lay With Me
  • Iron Wings
  • Fight For Your Lives
  • Brothers Arise
  • Children Of The Night
  • Ride Till We Die
  • Behind The Curtains
  • Lost
  • Power Of My Sword
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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