Arcadian Child – Protopsycho

Arcadian Child

Arcadian Child


Ripple Music

Psychedelic Rock

FFO: Stonus, Ethereal Sea, Lunar Effect, Holy Monitor, The Noise Figures

Arcadian Child have been battering away at the psychedelic scene for a number of years now and the Cypriot’s neo-psychedelic assault has started to gather some serious internet momentum. On the back of two strong releases, Arcadian Child are back with their third full length studio album ‘Protopsycho’.

                As the name would suggest, ‘Protopsycho’ is a heady mix of neo-psychedelia blended with vintage sounds that hark back to psychedelia’s heyday of the late 1960’s and early 70’s with its bass driven sound and hypnotic riffs; yet, this album manages to hold onto the present through an overarching mid to late 90’s stoner tones that fans of the desert sound will love. What makes this album so enjoyable is its smoke-filled extended jam vibe and ‘Protopsycho’ acts like a liquid, with tracks such as ‘Snakecharm’, ‘Raising Fire’ and ‘Wave High’ filling every conceivable hole in the sound having all the enjoyable mind bending nature of Ethereal Sea and Stonus trading off with The Lunar Effect through infectious melodies that really are the key to the enjoyability of this album.

                ‘Protopsycho’ is an album which breaks away from the soporific nonsense usually portrayed by neo-psychedelia by strapping a big pair of balls to its sound whilst staying as cool as a cucumber. It is an interesting release that continues to give more with each listen and if you can’t get out to the Californian desert, whack on a pair of headphones for the full effect and drift through its endless space.

Adam McCann


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