BAD As – Crucified Society

Album Review By David Kerber

One album every two years. The Italians Bad As have so far adhered to this rule. After 2016 and 2018, with Crucified Society follows album number three in 2020. Let’s see if they could improve the quality again.

Even with the opener and the title track at the same time, you can tell that the band has abandoned the initial hard rock and has crossed the threshold to metal. Banging guitars, massive drums and a rather somber mood dominate the song. “Endless race” is also equipped with metal riffs and has a hard solo. With “Free falling” the degree of hardness is reduced and they go back to hard rock. Reminds a little of Bonfire at its best. “Divided” and “Mind kind” are somewhere between hard rock and metal and both come up with great choruses. The powerful voice of singer Mattia is also outstanding. “Freedom” and “Final night” are not quite as good as the first songs and can be best described as competent. What follows is “Believe”, a wonderful ballad that reminds a little of the great moments of the Scorpions. Soulful vocals and great guitar playing create a goose bump atmosphere. With “Truth” and “Blackened tornado” there are two hard rockers at the end that convince with good riffs and even better vocals.

It is also striking that a keyboard can be heard in many of the songs, even though no keyboard player is part of the line-up. Whoever played there is unfortunately not mentioned, but these parts give the songs more depth and do not sound put on. All in all, the Italians succeeded again with their third album, especially in song-writing. So, if you fancy well-made hard rock / metal, you should definitely snap it. It is worth it.

BAD As – Crucified Society:


Mattia Martin – Vocals
Alessio “Lex” Tricarico – Guitars
Alberto Rigoni – Bass
Marino De Bortoli – Drums

Label: Sliptrick Records

Out: March 17th, 2020

Playing time: 46:50

Track list:

  • Crucified Society
  • Endless Race
  • Free Falling
  • Divided
  • Mind Kind
  • Freedom
  • Final Night
  • Believe
  • Truth
  • Blackened Tornado

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/David Kerber


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