Chaoseum – First Step To Hell

Album Review Rainer Kerber

About one year ago, I met Lola and Loic at the Autumn Moon Festival in Hameln. At that time, they presented excellent melodic power metal with Elferya. In the meantime, it has become quiet around the band from Lausanne. The band is searching for a new guitarist and songwriter. But that can’t  stop the musicians from trying new things. The result is now, “First Step To Hell” by Chaoseum.

And the quartet is much harder going on than Elferya. No symphonic elements, no bombast, but tough rock that sounds out of the speakers. And singer Lola van Loo shows that her voice has much more to offer than sugary melodic rock. In addition to strong clear vocals you can hear harsh metal screams. And she also masters bitter growls, ia. to be heard in “Do not Waste Your Time” or “Kill Or Be Killed”. The guitars are shooting hard. The guitarists show their skills but also in various solos. Chaoseum skillfully mix different musical influences, classical hard rock, thrash metal, jazz, alternative. Fitting to this Lola varies or should be said better experiments with her voice. In “Blue Scorpion” you can also hear her impressive soprano sometimes. But it goes also a bit quieter, as the title track shows. Here even the growls sound melodic. Shortly before the end, you can hear two classical straight Hardrock songs with “Devil’s Wedding” and “Rock Rock”. Before the album ends with contemplative sounds. With the instrumental “Between Two Lives” a bit of bombast has “smuggled” onto the album, a beautiful and hymnic power-ballad.

I’ve listened to so many albums in recent weeks that demand full concentration. This includes “First Step To Hell”. The song material will not be to everyone’s taste. The Swiss draw musically from the full, there is probably no limit that is not exceeded. But that’s the refreshing thing about this album. The influences mentioned on Facebook can be clearly heard, Lacuna Coil Trivium, Killswitch Engage, … The whole thing is presented by outstanding musicians, musicians who live for their music, who always want to try new things.

CHAOSEUM – Lilith:


Lola van Loo (Lola Milovanovic) – Vocals
Loic Duruz – Guitars
Valery Veings – Guitars
Greg Turini – Drums

Label: Self distributed

Out: October 27th, 2018

Playing time: 46:24

Track list:

  • Lilith
  • Don’t Waste Your Time
  • Crawling In The Dirt
  • Blue Scorpion
  • First Step To Hell
  • T.S.
  • New Dawn
  • Kill Or Be Killed
  • Devil’s Wedding
  • Rock Rock
  • Between Two Lives

Rating : 8/10

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