Horisont - Sudden Death

Sudden Death
Century Media
May 15th, 2020

Sweden is almost a bottomless pit. At least when it comes to rock and metal bands. So it is not surprising if you keep getting information about bands that you have never heard of before. So it was with Horisont from Gothenburg. Even though they have been bringing their classic melodic rock to the people since 2006. And have released five albums since then. On the band’s homepage you can see that the band is also very active live. References in the press text include Called Eddie Money, Dakota or Dwayne Ford. In May the sixth studio output “Sudden Death” was released under the Century Media Banner.

With the opener “Revolution” I first had to listen a little more closely. Pop rock with a lot of piano. We had that before. Exactly, her compatriots Abba celebrated this sound perfectly in the 1970s. And Horisont can do that as well. Would the Swedish world stars sound like this today? I think so. But of course, Horisont are still a rock band. Even with “Free Riding” they move more in the wake of Toto or Foreigner. This already says everything about the musical direction. Swinging Rock Music in the style of the 70s. With a slight progressive edge. Oversized piano and keyboard passages are the trademark of this song. And you can tell that the musicians love and live this sound. “Pushin ‘The Line” and “Into The Night” then rock a little more. Especially in the latter case, the interplay between the two guitarists stands out. At the quiet “Gråa Dagar” they sing in their mother tongue. There is also an ingenious guitar solo. A great rock ballad. The next three songs on the album are also melodic rock numbers. I especially like “Hold On” with an introduction in the style of a piano ballad. At the very end it gets slightly progressive again. In the longest song “Archeopteryx In Flight” Horisont pull out all the stops of melodic rock. Various tempo, rhythm and melody changes are used here without being excited. Nevertheless, this instrumental also sounds harmonious, as if from a single source. Probably as harmonious as the flight movements of the legendary primeval pterodactyl. Sometimes straight ahead, then playfully prancing again. This is the absolute highlight of the album.

On “Sudden Death” Horisont are bursting with inventiveness and joy. Eleven beautiful rock songs. And with everyone the band manages to put a smile on the listener’s face. This is how melodic rock music has to sound. Entertaining, but still with top-class compositions and arrangements. This is exactly the sound you need in these difficult times.

  • Music - 9/10
  • Lyrics - 9/10
  • Artwork - 9/10

Track list

  1. Revolution
  2. Free Riding
  3. Pushin’ The Line
  4. Into The Night
  5. Standing Here
  6. Runaway
  7. Gråa Dagar
  8. Sail On
  9. Breaking The Chain
  10. Hold On
  11. Archaeopteryx In Flight


Axel – Vocals
Charles – Guitar
David – Guitar
Magnus – Bass
Pontus – Drums

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