Lychgate ‘Also sprach Futura’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Debemur Morti Productions/Avant-Garde Black Metal

Every Science Fiction franchise under the sun has taken it under its wing to explore the possibility of Artificial Intelligence replacing organic life and with Lychgate’s latest EP, ‘Also sprach Futura’, the band take a step into this world and add their Midas Touch to this latest project.

What Lychgate accomplish with their latest EP is to bring their avant-garde nature to J.Y. Vortigern’s latest vision. Vortigern’s exceptional instrumentalism once again stands tall and alongside Greg Chandler and S.D. Lindsley, ‘Also…’ continues to bend the genre-defining rules that Lychgate do so damned well. Previously, Lychgate have delivered albums which have been a tour de force in virtuosity that have not always been received well by those who like their music to be a brain numbing assault of the same repeating motifs. However, what makes ‘Also…’ so damned interesting is the inclusion of the organ, as it manhandles its way through the mix like the Phantom of the Opera, with its ominous and imposing presence which makes the introduction to ‘Incarnate’ so spooky and powerful as melodic guitars drift in and out, giving way to some real black metal powerhouse drumming. Furthermore, where this EP really excels is the lyrical delivery; this is amongst some of the best work that Lychgate have ever delivered as Vortigern seems to have become the God in the machine as bleak, black and grim lyrics contrast beautiful with some exceptional musicianship.

‘Also…’ has the potential to signal a new chapter with this band; of course, there is more than enough to please older fans of Lychgate, but this is an accessible EP that is more than interesting enough to turn heads and give this band the recognition they deserve.

Rating : 83/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


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