Rotting Christ ‘The Heretics’ Album Review by Adam McCann

Season Of Mist/2019/Black Metal

Although it has only been three years since Rotting Christ released ‘Rituals’, it feels much longer. Now, the Greek black metal masters had hit another pinnacle in their career with ‘Rituals’, it was a magnificent black metal tour de force, all delivered in that unique style that has become synonymous with Rotting Christ. However, the main question is this; are Rotting Christ able to at least equal that previous album with their latest release ‘The Heretics’?

‘The Heretics’ is an album which embodies everything that Rotting Christ are about, this album oozes with anti-religious themes, intense guttural vocals, fast paced drumming juxtaposed with simple, yet memorable and effective guitar riffs. It is here, that ‘The Heretics’ excels; everything about this album is intense, it is designed to burn slowly, pulling the listener in with its Satanic chants and repetitive motifs that are seen in no better place than ‘In The Name Of God’, ‘Heaven And Hell And Fire’ and the utterly superb ‘Dies Irae’ all culminating in the Victorian Edgar Allan Poe horror of ‘The Raven’. Although, ‘The Heretics’ smoulders away, one of the albums many charms is that it lasts just over 40 minutes; it has the acute ability to allow the listener to hugely enjoy, but also subtly leaves them baying for more, to which the only cure is to replay.

It is only February and with ‘The Heretics’, Rotting Christ have put a serious contender forward for one of, if not, the album of the year.


Rating : 96/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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